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May 20, 2011: The Residential Cleaning Connection
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The Residential Cleaning Connection

News, Networking & Events for the Cleaning Professional

May 20, 2011: Volume 2, Issue 10


     Thanks to Board Member Daron Tandberg for providing a great column in this space last month on the benefits of your involvement with ARCSI. Since we have a several very important things coming up in the next few months that require your involvement , I thought I would continue Daron’s theme.

     Our 2011 Nominating Committee has opened the application process for members interested in running for the Board this year. Serving on the Board of Directors of your trade association, is perhaps the most tangible way you can contribute to the organizations success. If you are interested in the future of ARCSI, I urge you to consider serving on the Board. I will tell you it is a big commitment, both in terms of time and resources, but it is also very rewarding. Before you submit an application I encourage you to carefully read the ARCSI Board of Directors Position Description which is available on our web site. It will outline what is expected of our hard working Board members.

     Upcoming regional meetings, perhaps the easiest way to be involved and have some fun to boot! Members have told us they want more regional meetings, so we are responding. We have upcoming meetings in Dallas, Tulsa, and Virginia Beach, you can learn more about them in this newsletter.

     Our new "Member Referral” program is a way for you to not only help our association grow, but you can earn tangible benefits that will help you defray the costs of Convention Registration and other ARCSI products. (page down for more)

     Finally, our Annual Convention and Education Conference, Oct 18-22, in Las Vegas. It has everything. Education, networking, new products from vendors, and FUN. Member after member can give you example after example on how the contacts and friendships they may, the new things they learned, and the new products they discovered helped to change, improve, and growth their business. ARCSI is YOUR trade association. It can only grow and improve with your involvement. It is easy to say "someone else will take care of it.” It only happens when YOU are that someone else.

      Thanks to all of you for your support of ARCSI.


Time is Running Out to Take Advantage of Monthly Payment Plan for Convention Registration, Deadline May 31, 2011.

  Again this year our Convention Committee wants to make it easy for you to pay your Convention Registration, so they created and "Easy Payment Plan" for you.  You can pay your convention registration over six months, instead of a one time payment (that option is also available if you so chose).  However, you need to register and make your first monthly payment in May to take advantage of this program. You will then be charged once a month through October.  For more information on our Convention visit,, or to sign up for the monthly payment plan Click HERE

Are You Ready If OSHA Comes Calling?

ARCSI Monthly Teleconference, Wednesday, May 25th 7:30 EDT/4:30 PDT 

What really happens when OSHA shows up on your doorstep for an audit? Are you prepared? What are the consequences? What happens if an employee reports your business?
On the May 25 ARCSI Teleconference, you'll hear from actual ARCSI members who have been audited and lived to tell their tales. They'll share their stories with you to help you better prepare for an audit.
Steve Lloyd, of Ethos HR, will also join us on the call to share the most common mistakes and how to correct them as well as how to be prepared should an OSHA auditor show up at your door.
This is a call you cannot afford to miss.   Click Here To REGISTER
Teleconference calls are always free for Gold ARCSI members. Silver members have a $5 registration fee and Bronze members a $10 registration fee. Non-ARCSI members may register at the $15 fee.
Call in instructions and access code will be provided when you complete your registration, on the "Thank You" page.

Are You In With the (Linked) In Crowd?

How many times have you had a quick question that you just wish you could ask someone in the business? Or an idea that you love, but that you'd like to bounce off other residential cleaning professionals?    

These kinds of interactions are happening every day in the ARCSI Linked In Group!    

The ARCSI Linked In Group is THE online place for networking with other residential cleaning business owners. With over 400 residential cleaning companies belonging to the group (and literally growing daily), you are sure to tap a range of experience and knowledge by posing your question to the ARCSI Group.  

Already a Linked In member? Join the ARCSI Linked In Group today!    

Want to join the discussion? Go to and enter a few pieces of basic information about your company then join the ARCSI Group to get answers from hundreds of cleaning professionals.



May 24, 2011 Hot Topic Tuesday: Market Research
1:00 pm EDT, 12:00 CDT, 11:00 am MDT, 10:00 am PDT and AZ

Finding our who your clients are and what they want can be a fool's errand. There are so many ways to go about getting the information.

Stephanie Nesseth, owner of
Absolutely Cleanin Marion, IA will share with us how she does market research through social media and how she turns that research into customers. The majority of Absolutely Clean's marketing is done through Facebook, and Steph will share how she got her information and how she continues to build her market share through social media. 


This is a FREE call, but you do need to register.  Click HERE


Hot Topic calls are sponsored by the ARCSI Ambassadors. Call in and access code info will be included in the Confirmation/Thank You portion of your registration.

Hot Topic calls are sponsored by the ARCSI Ambassadors. Call in and access code info will be included in the Confirmation/Thank You portion of your registration.

CIRI Conference In Atlanta Addresses "GREEN CLEANING"

  Several ARCSI members did "double duty" the last weekend in April, attending both the ARCSI Executive Leaderhsip Conference and the CIRI (Cleaning Industry Research Instiutue) symposium on Green Cleaning.  Thanks to David Kiser of Champagne Services in Sterling, VA for providing us with the highlights of that meeting.  Watch you email next week for a more detail version of the results and a Special Report that David complied, but here are the highlights.....

Green Cleaning and Science, CIRI Symposium April 27-29, 2011, Atlanta, GA
by David Kiser, Champagne Services

What is Green Cleaning?  Is it here to stay?  Is it just a marketing gimmick?  What does a good "Green Cleaning" business model look like?  These were just some of the topics discussed at the Georgia Tech Conference Center last month at the interactive symposium hosted by CIRI. The speakers included Dr. Marilyn Black, Founder and CEO of Air Quality Sciences (AQS); Dr. Steven Spivak, Professor Emeritus of the University of Maryland. Both are members of the CIRI Technical Advisory Board. The Keynote Address was delivered by Dr. Richard J. Shaughnessy. He is an internationally recognized expert on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). He is also the President of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ).

     The speakers and their credentials matter because they are conducting and compiling scientific research that is bring a whole new perspective to what clean is and how it brings value to the market place. The fact is "Green Cleaning” is here to stay. What form "Green Cleaning” takes and how it looks will depend on many factors. One large take away from the event is that "Green Cleaning” is very young and still being shaped. That presents an opportunity. "Green Cleaning” and its future will in large part depend on how responsible companies and the people who run them proactively participate in bringing good science to the cleaning industry. Without good science "Green Cleaning” becomes "Green Wash” ("Green Wash” is the practice of making "Green” claims without truly being "Green”). Companies practicing "Green Wash” are already being affected negatively. Their companies and their products and services are being heavily scrutinized by end users.

     People have quick access to more information than ever before. Companies practicing "Green Wash” will not have the health or life expectancy of previous generations who operated business enterprises in ignorance or without ethics. Dr. Michael Berry (called by some as the "Father of Modern Cleaning”) recently wrote an article published in CleanFax magazine calling much of what you see in the market "Green Babble” because what is being advertised has little or no basis in fact. Whether you agree or not, the market place will quickly identify those not providing true value to their clients. One reason is that legitimate companies will be working strongly to expose "Green Babble” and the danger it presents. What danger? Cleaning saves lives. If a company provides a product or service and falls short of claims people could die. We have a moral obligation, just as medical professionals, to provide services that are recognized as being safe to the cleaning technician and the occupants of the home. That is one reason CIRI is working to generate cleaning standards. There is also the danger that exist form those who say using cleaning chemicals poses little or no threat.

For a pdf version of David's complete Special Report click HERE

ARCSI Nominating Committee Seeks Board Candidates

    The ARCSI 2011 Nominating Committee has started the process for our 2011 Board of Directors election.  The Committee is currently seeking applications from members interested in running for the Board.  Board terms are three (3) years in length, and applications must be submitted in writing and mailed to the ARCSI Office by July 19, 2011.

     The committee strongly urges any interested candidates to please read the Board of Directors Position Description before submitting your application.  It's YOUR association, Get Involved!

Board of Directors Position Description

Being a member of the ARCSI Board of Directors (BOD) is a large and fulfilling commitment. You will be a high profile representative of the residential cleaning industry. As a Board member you will meet and work with people who are recognized leaders in the world of cleaning and hygiene practice. You will have a great privilege and opportunity to take what you learn and apply it in your own business. Those who have are realizing rewarding benefits. To take advantage of these opportunities, you must be willing and able to meet all of the requirements below. Board terms are three (3) years. 1. You must be a member in good standing with all dues and fees up to date.
2. You must have been a member of ARCSI for at least two (2) years at the time of the Annual Meeting in the year of the election.
3. You must have attended at least one (1) Annual Convention or one (1) Executive Leadership Conference (national event) in the past two (2) years.
4. You will be expected to attend at least one (1) teleconference Board meeting each month. The calls last between one and two hours. There are occasional special meetings.
5. You will be expected to attend the annual convention as well as the Executive Leadership Conference in their entirety. 6. You will be expected to attend a three day Board meeting for strategic planning. (usually in January of each year,)
7. You will be expected to serve on at least one committee and potentially be expected to chair a committee.
8. You will be expected to fully participate in all events by helping with planning, hosting events, speaking, or keeping a high profile among the members to be sure everyone is feeling included. You may be asked to help set up or tear down event materials.
9. You may be expected to host an ARCSI luncheon(s) or meeting(s) in your area.
10. Upon your election you will receive:
           a. A Board Member Guide who will conduct an orientation meeting with you to review specific details of your new role and responsibilities.
           b. A book entitled Welcome to the Board by Fisher Howe. You are expected to read the entire 87 pages within 30 days.
            c. The date and agenda for a Freshman Board Orientation. This will be a program to explain the ARCSI Strategic Plan; Objectives and tasks related to the Plan, and answer any remaining questions you may have.
            d. A BOD binder that includes a list of all Board Members along with their address and contact information as well as a contact list of all other committee members.

     Candidate must be willing to commit personal resources for travel and participation in Board and Association functions. All expenses incurred for these trips are your responsibility. · You can expect expenses to run between $3000 and $5000 per year. · You can expect to spend 5-15 hours per month.

Board of Directors Position Description (pdf)

Application for Board of Directors (pdf)


ARCSI Regional Meetings: Coming to a Town Near You

The response to the ARCSI Regional meetings has been phenomenal! In the past few weeks, we have had members throughout the country ask how they can host an ARCSI meeting in their area.

From California to Maryland; New York to Dallas, you can count on an ARCSI Regional Meeting coming to a city new you soon.Here are the dates already scheduled:

June 4, 2011: Dallas, TX  (Click Here to Register)   

June 11, 2011: Tulsa, OK (Click here to register)

June 16, 2011: Virginia Beach, VA

August 13, 2011: Annapolis, MD

Watch for additional dates in California, Georgia, New York and Washington!

For Complete Regional Meeting Agenda, CLICK HERE

2011 Professional Cleaner of the Year, President's Award, and Image Awards

  It's awards time!  Time for you to recognize your hard working staff, time to build morale with your employees and have them share your pride in your website, your logo, your vehicle wraps, their uniforms, and your newsletter.

   We also have some exciting news about new awards and new sponsors for 2011.  At left is our 2010 Professional Cleaner of the Year, Belinda Archer of Classic Touch in Richmond, VA


Professional Cleaner of the Year, presented by Mr. Clean Professional

This award will be presented to the staff person of an ARCSI member who is in the field cleaning. Requirements are listed on the Nomination Form.

ARCSI Presidents' Award

Presented to the "in-house" staff person that is key to every organization.  Whether they are called office manager, trainer, sales person, bookkeeper or manager, this is the person that keeps your business humming and takes care of the details.

Image Awards       

Our Image Awards include: Best Logo, Best Website, Best Uniforms, Best Vehicle Wrap, Best Marketing Campaign, and Best Newsletter.  Our Awards Committee will select three finalists in each of these categories and they will be displayed in our new "Members Lounge" at the Convention, where Convention attendees can vote for their favorites.

So don't be shy, blow your own horn, we know you're proud of the image your company projects. Submit an entry today!


Learn More About Qualified Lead Generation from Our Industry Partner

FREE Webinar June 1, 2011 Presented by Done Right!

ARCSI Members are invited to learn more about the services of our newest Industry Partner, Done Right! A serivce of Lendingtree.  There couldn’t be a better time to partner with our company. This quarter we will position your company as a guaranteed solution to the LendingTree family of services... yes, the LendingTree family of services. Leverage your company ahead of the competition by partnering up with us during this transition! All calls are pre-screened and verified from our US call centers before they are sent to your company. All you need to do is answer the phone and close the sale! Find out more by joining our FREE Webinar Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at 7:30 p.m. EST; 6:30 p.m. CST; 5:30 p.m. MST;
4:30 p.m. PST

Space is limited.   Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to join this FREE webinar. 
System Requirements
PC-based attendees
Required: Windows® 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server

Help ARCSI Grow and Earn "ARCSI Bucks" for You! 
Membership Committee Launches "Member Referral Program"

The ARCSI Membership Committee launched a new program at our ELC in Atlanta.  The "ARCSI BUCKS Member Referral Program" and it's really simple.

Our business is no different than yours, our best source of new clients is through referrals from our current clients.  And just like you we want to reward those folks for their referrals.   So each time you refer a new member to ARCSI, you will be awarded "ARCSI Bucks" that you can use for your Convention registration fees, items from the ARCSI store, or even your membership dues!

The new member just has to confirm that you were the one that referred them to ARCSI, and after they have been a member for 90 days, you will be notified that we have added to your ARCSI BUCKS account.  Here is what you can earn....

Refer a GOLD member and receive $150 in ARCSI Bucks

Refer a SILVER member and receive $100 in ARCSI Bucks

Refer a BRONZE memvber and receive $50 in ARCSI Bucks.

So help us grow and watch your ARCSI Bucks account grow!  We'll even give you the tools you need, including Membership Brochures.  Just call the office at 614-547-0887 or email


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Hot Topic Tuesday: Enjoy Labor Day!

Hot Topic Tuesday: CONVENTION WEEK!


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