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September 2, 2011: The Residential Cleaning Connection
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From the Executive Director...


WOW! Just 46 days until we spin the wheel and kick off our Annual Convention and Education conference in Las Vegas, (What? You're not registered yet?). Convention Chair Lanette Richmond and her committee have been going full blast since January and they have put together a spectacular five days in Las Vegas. It will be wall-to-wall activity. This is one newsletter you have to read, because it is all about the Convention. As you page down you'll get tips on how to make the trip affordable, but to relay a comment from one member, "This is a trip you can't afford NOT to make if you want your business to grow." There is a link for hotel reservations, and our room block is going fast, so don't delay.

Based on the feedback we received from last year's convention attendees, we have given this year's event a whole new look. There will be two education tracks offering both advanced and basic programs plus at least one general session for everyone each day. We've moved our gala event The President's Reception and Awards Presentations to Thursday night and have planned a dance party on Friday night. Our education program is a great mix of familiar names and new names,ARCSI owners, and national speakers so you'll get a great mix of both cleaning company information and some great general business knowledge that you can use to improve your procedures and methods.

The most exciting and fun part of our convention hasn't changed. It is still a great time to connect with old friends and make new ones. It is the time when you can put a face to that name you have heard on the teleconferences or received emails from all year. 46 days and counting... See you in Vegas.

Click here to register for the ARCSI Cleaning Convention

While we're talking about education and connecting with new and old friends, we hope you can make it to one of our Regional Meetings this month! Next Saturday, September 10, there are ARCSI Regional Meetings in both Atlanta and Northern California. The following weekend - on September 17- join Sharon Tinberg in Southern California for the Long Beach Regional Meeting.

Click here for more Regional Meeting info.

By the way, college football starts this weekend... I'll bet Ellen Folks is headed to Dallas to watch her LSU Tigers and I'll be here in Columbus......Go Buckeyes! Have a safe holiday weekend.


  "Lucky 7 Ways to do the ARCSI Convention On the Cheap

7.Book your airfare through Southwest or AirTran. Both have roundtrip flights to Vegas from several major cities for under $300.

6. Make your room reservations now!ARCSI just added more rooms to our Bally's headquarters location, but when they're gone, they're gone. Room rates are $79/night Tues. - Thurs. and $119/night Fri. and Sat

5.Buffets! You can eat well for under $30 a day in Vegas at buffets and diners up and down The Strip.

4.Get a roommate and split hotel costs. Looking for a roommate? Email Christo get added to the list!

3. Don't rent a car. There is a free shuttle running from Bally's to the Convention Center Tuesday through Friday. You can also take the Las Vegas Monorail for $5/ride, $12/day or $28 for a three day pass.

2. Be a tourist. If this is your first time to Las Vegas, there is no reason to spend good money on shows. There is enough to see (The Ballagio fountains, the outside shows at Treasure Island and Mirage) for free. Not to mention the people-watching.

1.Bringing someone with you to the Convention? Register for the staff package that gets additional registrants into all Convention events Thursday night - Saturday morning at a deeply discounted rate.


We Want to Learn About YOU!

There are lots of networking opportunities at the upcoming ARCSI Cleaning Convention. Wouldn't it be nice if you could start a conversation with a peer already knowing a little about them and their business?

How better to get to know other members than via the ARCSI Member Yearbook? This one-of-a-kind book is being compiled by ARCSI Ambassador and 2010 Convention Chair Dee Strickland and 2011 Convention Chair Lanette Richmond and is a unique way for members to tell us about yourself and your business. Each member will receive a page in the book containing pictures and quotes.

To download the list of questions, click here. Please return your list of questions and 2-3 photos of yourself (or your business, logo, family, etc.) to Chris Zimmer at no later than Friday, September 16, 2011.


2011 ARCSI Cleaning Convention Education Breakdown

Wednesday, October 19
ISSA Speaker Robert Stephens, Best Buy CTO
Lessons Learned from the Geek Squad Story
What do you get when you take $200, a crazy idea, and love for all things technical? Learn how Robert Stephens took the boring world of computer support and made it famous. Starring 1 Chief Inspector, 25,000 Double Agents and Geekmobiles, The Rolling Stones, The CIA, The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile and over 5,000,000 messed up computers. Plus, learn how your company can apply similar creative ideas to make your business a trusted and memorable one.
ARCSI Education
derek EllenFolksAdvanced Track:
Marketing to Gain Long-Term Clients
Speakers: Derek Christian & Ellen Folks
How can you market differently to stop turning over so many clients and to turn the ones you have now into long-term customers? These owners will share how they did it and give you tips to do the same.

Basic Track:
BillGeldermanFrom Applications to Exit Interviews: Improving Your Odds
Speaker: Bill Gelderman
"Improving Your Odds" when it comes to hiring requires a focused approach that is too easily forgotten, in favor of solving, or filling, an "emergency" need. Bill will offer some insights and suggestions for making the process easier and taking some of the guess work out of what is often an owner's least favorite task. We will also explore a few of the common pitfalls.
Advanced Track:
Renee O'Brien, Sharp Chip COnsultingDefining Your Exit Strategy
Speaker: Renee O'Brien
Exit Planning - It's time to get your game face on. Learn:

- How to Avoid Hair-Trigger, Costly Decisions
- 3 Secrets to Getting Off of Your Infinite Treadmill
- What to Do When You Fall Off the Wagon
- Critical Game-Changers
- Key Factors to Winning the Race
- Realistic Timelines
- The Critical Questions to Ask When Identifying the Perfect Exit Plan for you.
Stop working for your paycheck, and start building your fortune with the right exit plan.

Basic Track:
ReneeRawcliffeThe Nitty Gritty Basics: Equipment, Supplies and Techniques
Renee Rawcliffe: Moderator
Panel:Nancy Holekamp, Bruce Vance and Ed Wright
- Care, Custody and Control
- MSDS Sheets

- Proper Use of Chemicals
- Systems
- Inventory
- HR
- EquipmentSupplies

Thursday, October 20
Tom PetersISSA Keynote Speaker Tom Peters, Author andBusiness Guru
This high-energy and hard-hitting consulting session will share with you the "little BIG things" that impact business excellence. Peters also will help you tap the enthusiasm and innovation that reside in every organization, plus share which of the "basics" are less boring and more powerful now than ever before. Plus, you'll learn where to place your priorities to ensure that your brand promise permeates everything you do, in ways you may have forgotten are possible.



General Session
Duke MarleneARCSI Keynote Presentation Sponsored by Moody Worldwide Insurance

Speakers: Duke Cajala & Marlene Kanagusuku of
Building a Customer-Focused Culture
Discover how grew their gross merchandise sales from $1.6M in 2000 to over $1 billion in 2008 by focusing relentlessly on customer service.Duke Cajalaand Marlene Kanagusuku, Customer Loyalty Managers will discuss the Zappos Family commitment to WOWing their customers through service, how they retain repeat customers, what they do internally to inspire the Zappos Family culture and core values. Attendees will learn:

- How the Zappos Family of companies WOWs customers every day
- The power of repeat customers and word of mouth

- Why the Zappos Family culture = delivering happiness


Advanced Track
Sharon Tanberg LizTrotterSystems & Procedures That Work for Larger Companies
Speakers: Sharon Tinberg and Liz Trotter

There is no question that all companies need systems and procedures in place beforelaunching a new company. So what changes are needed when working with a company that is in stage 3 or above?TheLeadership style changes. The values, integrity and drive of the owner will never change but their Leadership style has to. Owners of large companies need to develop intoLeaders who are capable of addressing and refiningprocesses basedon management'by walking around'. Sharon and Liz will address the Key Factor of Leadership and howthe style changes as your company grows.Leadership will also beaddressed in each of the other 6 key factors that Malcolm Baldridgeemphasizes in his total quality management system:

- Information and Analysis

- Strategic Planning

- HR Development and Management

- Process Management

- Business Results

- Customer Focus and Satisfaction

Basic Track
HeatherBouges Angela WilsonMarketing Outside of the Box
Speakers: Heather Bouges and Angela Wilson
Think you're limited by your budget when you market your business? Wrong! This session will give you dynamic ideas on how to partner with the community, and suggest low cost and free ways to get your business noticed by the owners who have used them successfully.
Friday, October 21
Advanced Track
Boosting Your Bottom Line
Basic Track
SpencerDeanHow NOT to Run a Residential Cleaning Business: Learning from One Owner's Mistakes
Speakers: Spencer Dean
In October of 2006, after attending the ARCSI convention in Chicago, Dean cleaned his first house. Then, he says, his education really began. Dean is prepared to share the secrets of his "success" in the residential cleaning industry--which is why his seminar is called "How Not to Run a Cleaning Business".
General Session
What Customers Want: Marketing Strategies from P&G
Speaker: Diane Hensley
Proctor & Gamble is a well-oiled marketing machine. You use their products every day and their branding strategies are flawless. In this session, Brand Manager Diane Hensley will give you P&G tips your business can use to brand itself and get more exposure in your community.
General Session
Annie DukeProfessional Poker Player, Celebrity Apprentice and Entrepreneur Annie Duke
Applying the Principles of Poker to Your Business
Annie Duke came from a humble background to become the most successful female poker player to date. She'll explain how she bluffed, raised and folded her way to success in both her personal and professional life.

Advanced Track
Tom StewartThe Case for Chemical-Free Cleaning
Sponsored by Advanced Vapor Technologies
Speaker: Tom Stewart
Interested in "Green Cleaning" but confused about what it all means or where to begin? Tom Stewart, owner of Modern Cleaning Company will explain the benefits of chemical-free cleaning and answer questions.
Basic Track
SHaronCowanPRO EnidTS Angela WilsonTransitions: From the Field to the Office; From the Office to Leadership
Speakers: Sharon Cowman, CBSE, Enid Tate-Shephard and Angela Wilson
Are you still out in the field cleaning? Looking for answers on how to work ON your business, not IN it? Sharon Cowan will give you practical steps and you'll hear from two ARCSI members who were still cleaning just last year, but who are not successful owners in the office, managing their businesses.

Networking: Make the Most of Your Convention Experience

The word "Networking" can have some people running to the solitary quiet of their hotel rooms. Why would you want to network - especially with "competitors"? Because they can help solve your problems and, even though you may not know it, you can help them solve theirs. This is a good thing. It make everyone better and improves the professionalism in the industry.Here are some tips to make the most of your Convention networking experience.

Set a goal prior to the event
Figure out who will be in attendance. (You can do this by
clicking hereto see who is registered for the Convention.)Decide who you can't leave the Convention without talking to and what you would like to take away from the event.

Pre-plan personal greeting
You need to get a person's interest right away or you've lost your chance.The greeting should be not more than thirty seconds long, interesting, informative and about you. Send in your profile information and you'll already know a little about everyone in attendance.

Be first to arrive and last to leave
The longer you stay, the more contacts you will meet.

Be positive and enthusiastic
Nobody likes to be rejected, but if you don't at least try to talk to someone you may lose out on an opportunity. Be sure that you are in an upbeat mood before you enter the event and keep smiling the entire time.

Spend time with people you don't know
Although it is okay to spend some time with acquaintances you've already made, the majority of your time should be spent meeting new people.Networking meetings should enable you to expand your contact list.

Say the other person's name three times
A person's name is a pleasing sound for them. Repeating the name will help you to remember it. People are really impressed when you remember their name the next time that you see them.

Now that you have a plan and have decided to meet at least 20 new people at this Convention, where can you practice? We're glad you asked!

All Week
seminarARCSI Member Lounge: In between education events, come chat and relax with other ARCSI members - share stories and ideas! This will be THE place to be. You can vote onthe ARCSI Image Awards, peruse the items for the Silent Auction and make new aquaplanes.

ISSA Show Floor: Hit the floor with a buddy. You can learn a lot by talking about what vendors you want to visit, who you love to work with and who has been a challenge for you.

New Member & First Time Attendee Orientation
Sponsored by MaidEasy Software & Rags to Riches
Is it your first time at the ARCSI Convention? There is a lot to take in and a lot of information to gather. Join the ARCSI Ambassadors at Bally's as theyshare all the "need to know" and "where to be" information!

ARCSI Welcome Reception and Networking
The official opening of the ARCSI Convention, you won't want to miss this event that will be held at Bally's.
Cleaning For A Reason Reception at Bally's
SocksARCSI Annual Meeting and Roundtables
Always well-attended, the ARCSI Annual Meeting and Roundtables give you the ARCSI "Year in Review" followed by structured roundtables on topics suggested by members, for members. One of the most popular ARCSI events of the year! You have takeaways that you can use in your business as soon as you get home.

President Alonzo Adams and Stacie McMillian of Clean & SimpleARCSI President's Reception
Awards Presentation and Silent Auction
The most exciting night of the ARCSI year! We recognize our Image Award winners and the winners of the MR. Clean Professional Cleaner of the Year and ARCSI President's Award. Following the Awards Ceremony, the always-popular ARCSI Silent Auction and Raffle allow members to bid on tickets, in-depth coaching from ARCSI Board members, vacation rentals and more! Don't miss this event, which will be held at Bally's.

ARCSI Hits Vegas: The After Party! Join us at Windows for a live DJ, dancing and relaxing at Bally's.


Convention Bonus Sessions: Back Again

ARCSI is once again offering a way to enhance the education offered at the Cleaning Convention. The four hour Bonus Sessions have become can't miss events, going into depth of detail that allows both presenters and participants to really "drill down" into the issues discussed.

This year, Bonus Sessions will be offered by industry experts Sharon Tinberg and Debbie Sardone. Both sessions will be held at the Bally's Hotel on Saturday, Oct. 22 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. Cost for the Bonus Sessions is $59 for Gold members and their staff, $69 for Silver members and their staff and $79 for Bronze members and their staff. Nonmember registration is $99.


sharontinberg largerThe 7 Habits of Highly Successful Owners, Managers and Cleaners with Sharon Tinberg of Rags to Riches.
Habits are something you do daily that you have no idea you're doing. They define who you are and what kind of life you will have - good or bad.
The individual habits of an owner and their staff, when combined, determine what kind of company you will have - successful or unsuccessful.


This Bonus Session will define what a habit is, how to create them, how to get them all working together and how to change them. In addition, there will be a fairly in-depth study of the seven habits of highly successful owners, managers and cleaners.

Click here for more information or to registerfor The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Owners, Manager and Cleaners withe Sharon Tinberg.


Debbie Sardone NEWTraining Managers Boot Camp with Debbie Sardone of The Maid Service Coach
Owner's who are interested in improving their training program and who are willing to make dramatic changes in their organization are in fro a treat with this Bonus Session. Field Managers who currently do the primary training of new staff will be interested as well!
Sardone will cover "Training 101", including curriculum based training,the scope & duration of a successful training program and the do's & don'ts of a successful training week. She'll also cover
the training managers tasksand duties; the cleaning system and the "deal breakers."
Click here for more information or to register for Training Managers Boot Camp with Debbie Sardone.


Book Your Room Before Their Gone!

On Sept. 15, Vegas room rates go up! Book your room today at Bally's - the ARCSI Headquarters for the 2011 Convention. Bally's is located in middle of The Strip and will house the ARCSI Hospitality Suite every evening. The ARCSI room rate is $79/night Tuesday - Thursday and $119 Friday and Saturday. Click here to book your room today.


ARCSI also has a room block at the Paris hotel. Located next to Bally's and directly across from the famous Bellagio dancing fountains, Paris offers the ultimate in Las Vegas luxury for only $125/night. Book your room at Paris by clicking here.

Don;t gamble with your location. Stay at the ARCSI hotels and you'll be at the center of The Strip with convenient access to the Convention Center via the Las Vegas Monorail.



Professional Cleaner of the Year and President's Award Recipients Announced

We are pleased to announce Amanda Walker, of My Maid Service in Lebanon, Ohio as the Mr. Clean Professional Cleaner of the Year!

"We couldn't ask for a better role model for new employee's, and our industry as whole. Cutting corners, missing appointment times, and generally having a bad day is just not her way," says owner Derek Christian."I don't think she knows how to not be a role model, and it shows in both her professional, and personal life. She can be friendly and engaging without crossing the boundary between professional and personal, something that for many, is very difficult to do."

Christian was hesitant to hire Amanda three years agobecause she had worked for a competitor. My Maid Service likes to hire employees who have not already learned another company's systems. "In this case however," says Christian, "Amanda's quick smile, good attitude, obvious work ethic, and overall congeniality, convinced me to give her a chance. I have never regretted that decision."

We hope you'll find Amanda at the 2011 ARCSI Cleaning Convention and congratulate her for a job well done!


ARCSI Industry Partner-Moody's Insurance

Ruth Schwarberg, of Scrubbles & Company in Gig Harbor, Washington is the recipient of the inaugural President's Award, sponsored by Moody Worldwide Insurance. The President's Award is given to a key non-cleaningstaff member and is the employee many owners couldn't do without.

"Ruth has been a member of our team since 1999 and has been 'golden' since the day she walked in our door to apply for an entry level job, sats owner Jan Kane. "Her progression through the ranks has been a pleasure to guide and observe, and she has always conducted herself with grace and professionalism, no matter the challenge before her."

Schwarberg's nominationcontainedmany instances where she repeatedly stepped up, taking on more responsibility, improving the training program and doing whatever is asked, and more, with a contagiously positive attitude.

"She brings her entire being to this job. She makes choices that I, as an owner, would make," says Kane, "These choices are not always easy, but over time they determine the spirit and integrity of our company. They have also earner her the respect and loyalty of our employees and customers. We, as owners, can expect our managers to build certain skills that help us grow our business. What we can't "buy" is heart." And Ruth Schwarberg has that in spades.

Image Awards Finalists Will Vie for Title in Las Vegas

 The ARCSI Image Awards are voted on by members at the annual Cleaning Convention. Nominees in each category have been narrowed to the top three finalists (fewer, if there were few applicants in that category) in each category. You can find the finalists' materials and voting information in the ARCSI Member Lounge at the Las Vegas Convention Center Wednesday and Thursday of Convention week.

Best Vehicle Wrap

* Better Life Maids, St. Louis, MO Owner, Matt Ricketts

* Harmony Clean, Doylestown, PA Owners: Vicki Brown & Deb Sarandrea

* San Diego Pro Cleaning, San Diego, CA Owner: Kevin Atto


Best Web Site

* Teresa's Family Cleaning,, Rocky Point, NY Owner: Teresa Ward

* A Zing Zap Cleaning Service,, Minneola, FL, Owner: Dee Strickland

* Crystal Clear Homes, , Sebastopol, CA Owner: Erica Piorkowski


Best Logo

* Ask Alice Home Cleaning & Services, Troy, MI, Owner: Mike Grecky

* Harmony Clean, Doylestown, PA Owners: Vicki Brown & Deb Sarandrea

* Better Life Maids, St. Louis, MO Owner, Matt Ricketts


Best Uniform

* Harmony Clean, Doylestown, PA Owners: Vicki Brown & Deb Sarandrea

* Better Life Maids, St. Louis, MO Owner, Matt Ricketts


Best Newsletter

* A & A Cleaning Service, Pearland, TX Owner: Mona Chavarria

* Sponge & Sparkle, Chamblee, GA, Owner: Raina Raflo,

* Better Life Maids, St. Louis, MO Owner, Matt Ricketts


Best Marketing and Branding

* Enid's Cleaning Service, Rochester, IN Owner: Enid Tate-Shepherd

* Better Life Maids, St. Louis, MO Owner, Matt Ricketts

* Triangle Green Cleaning, Raleigh, NC, Owner: Joe McCutcheon


ARCSI Regional Meetings on Both Coasts!

ARCSI members and non-members alike have flocked to the Regional meetings this spring and summer. Featuring a full day of education with industry experts combined with roundtables, lunch and networking, these in-person meetings are an investment in your residential cleaning business.

MaskewSept. 10, 2011: Atlanta, GA - Hosted by ARCSI Member Jan MaskewFeaturing Zachary Bennett of Reformation Productions
If you are looking for new, better or more efficient way to market your residential cleaning business, this meeting is a can't miss. Zach Bennett of Reformation Productions has 18+ years of marketing experience working with companies like Bank of America, Victoria's Secret and The Limited. He'll share the marketing techniques of these major corporations and how you can translate them into marketing success for your residential cleaning company.
Click here to register!

AngelaSept. 10, 2011: Fairfield CA - Hosted by ARCSI Ambassador Angela Wilson
Featuring Ron Segura of Segura & Associates: AHands-on Consulting Group
As President of Segura & Associates, Ron Segura brings over 40 years of experience in all segments of the cleaning industry. His strengths lie in assisting cleaning businesses with the planning, implementation and management of their strategic plan. In this day-long session, Ron willfocus on how you can find prospects to turn into customers. His presentation will touch on effective networking, sales presentations, creating a brand people remember and customer service.
Click here to register!
Monika MartonSept. 17, 2011: Long Beach, CA - Hosted by ARCSI Members
Monika Zuzanska, Marton Medina and Russ Dunn

Featuring Sharon Tinberg of Rags to Riches
Sharon Tinberg of Rags to Riches makes her way to California for this day-long seminar! Throughout the day, Sharon will give you "Ten Dos and Don'ts for Residential Cleaning Companies" and explain how you can build local relationships in your community to obtain "Zero Cost Advertising." In addition to the popular ARCSI Roundtables, Sharon will also help attendees with "Accurate Pricing, Quoting and Selling on the Phone." Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the industry's best and brightest!
(Click here to register)

"Awesome, down to earth and fun" was how attendee Kay English of English Maids, LLC of Waco, Texas described the Dallas and Tulsa Regional Meeting. Aubrey Miliron of Natural Care Cleaning Services said "The more you learn and can present to your customers the better you'll be. This is the place to do it."

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