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October 26: The Residential Cleaning Connection
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News, Netoworking & Events

The Residential Cleaning Connection

News, Networking & Events for the Cleaning Professional

October 26, 2012 - Vol 3, Issue 20

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From the Executive Director
Ernie's Etching

It Was Smooth as Silk!

Where to begin. What a great Convention! The thank you list is way too long for this column, and as you can imagine, some of last week is still a blurr so if I miss you, my apologies.

Along about Friday afternoon, someone asked me, "Things seemed to have gone really smoothly this year, why is that?" My answer was, "When things and people are where they are suppose to be, when they are suppose to be there, and do what they are suppose to do, Life is easy!" It starts with a great Chair and Co-Chair. Jeff Lange, of McMaid Home Services and Angela Wilson of Solano Maids were fantastic. They both did all of those little things, that don't seem all that important at the time, but make a world of difference at the end of the day.

Lisa Kirkpatrick and Greg Macchia set up our greatest Roundtable session yet. They spent a lot of time along with our education committee reviewing the topics, refining them, and finally putting together a perfect mix. Once that was done, they recruited committed table leaders to keep the discussion moving.

What a great mix of speakers our Education Committee produced and thanks to all of you who were room captains for our educational events, you keep things running on time.

Our raffle ticket sellers led by Angela exceeded our projection. Thanks to our sellers and thanks to our attendees. Thanks also to our Board members and Industry Partners for your Silent Auction donations. Great values, and our 2012 Auction set a new record.

I also need to thank some folks that ARCSI members don't have dealings with, but are very important to our having a successful convention. First of all John Garfnkel, ISSA Executive Director and his staff, especiallyKim Althoff, Leah Mrazek, Rosie Rangel, and Barbara Bornmann. These folks work closely with ARCSI staff and our being part of the great InterClean Show, the largest trade show in ourindustry, makes our convention very special. Secondly, the staff of the Hard Rock Hotel, from top to bottom. Special thanks to Carol Bader and Victoria Zavin two great professionals in the hospitality industry.

Thanks to all of our Industry Partner sponsors and vendors. We could not pull this off and provide such great value to our members without their support.

Finally, thanks to my great staff. Chris ZImmer and Charlotte Bucy let me be your Executive Director, while they took care of a lot of details and put out afew fires.

Most importantly thank to all of you who attended, especially our 60 first timers. Hope you learned a lot, and we'll see you both at our Extreme Business Makeover in Dallas, and next years Convention in Las Vegas.


The winners of the 2012 ARCSI Image Awards were announced at the October 19 President's Reception at the Hard Rock hotel Chicago. Finalists were chosen by the 2012 Awards Committee and winners were decided by voting by ARCSI members throughout the Convention last week. And the winners are...

Best Website:
Teresa's Family Cleaning
Rocky Point, NY
Teresa Ward, Owner

Best Vehicle:
My Maid Service
Lebanon, OH
Derek Christian, Owner

Best Logo
Natura Clean
Middleton, WI
Kristine Koenig, Owner

Best Uniform
Royal Maids
Little River, SC
Raymond and Christine Mace, Owners

Best Electronic Newsletter
All Star Cleaning
Ft. Collins, CO
Laura Smith, Owner

Best Print Newsletter
Immaculate Clean
Eldersburg, MD
Dawn Fiscella, Owner

Best Marketing Tool
Teresa's Family Cleaning
"Teresa Girl Campaign"
Rocky Point, NY
Teresa Ward, Owner

Best Marketing Plan
Prestigious Cleaning Team
Kennesaw, GA
RJ and Asha Patel, Owners

Congratulations to all of this year's Image Award winners!

Highlights from the ARCSI 2012 Cleaning Convention

A s seems to happen every year, this year's Convention Committee, with Chair Jeff Lange at the helm and Co-Chair Angela Wilson assisting - once again raised the bar in the planning of the 2012 ARCSI Cleaning Convention.

On Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, in e-mails and phone calls, attendees have raved about the quality of the education and speakers as well as the information they were able to glean from the many networking events throughout the week.

From President of Weber Shandwick Public Relations North America Cathy Calhoun, members received information on how to manage their brands in a world where anyone can say anything about your business on the Internet. Calhoun shared staggering statistics on how quickly a good - or worse, a bad - customer service experience travels through social media. She also offered ideas on how to be proactive in managing both scenarios.

"I learned a lot about the power of social media," one attendee said. "The numbers are mid-boggling!"

Many ARCSI members may have recognized Humetrics President Mel Kleiman from the ARCSI Teleconference he presented several months ago. Kleiman came through again with his session on "Hiring Touch and Managing Easy."

"I didn't think I needed to attend this session, but I'm glad I did," said on attendee's evaluation. "This session was extremely helpful!"

Members were left wanting more from Kleiman and they got it at Thursday's Round Table and Ask the Expert Event. In addition to member-moderated round tables put together by Lisa Kirkpatrick and Greg Macchia, members had the opportunity to sit with industry experts on various topics. Both Mel Kleiman and Online Marketing Muscle founder Dean Mercado delivered.

Speaking of Mercado, this ARCSI favorite was back for two sessions at the 2012 Cleaning Convention. He was able to help members find their own unique recipe for online marketing.

"Dean reinforced, encouraged and educated," said one evaluation, "His session was amazing!"

Mercado rounded out the Convention on Friday afternoon with his popular website and social media hot seats, where members got instant feedback on how to improve their online marketing efforts.

Also on Saturday, Sharon Tinberg of Rags to Riches, presented and amazing session on "Organizing for Action" and creating a post-convention plan. Attendees took away a tangible, executable plan, using ideas they received from the Convention. Tinberg helped attendees identify their areas of opportunities and encouraged them to find the tools and resources to turn those challenges into areas of growth in their companies.

"What a fantastic way to wrap up convention!" raved on evaluation.

The final session of the 2012 ARCSI Cleaning Convention was, perhaps, the most anticipated. Liz Trotter and Derek Christian presented "Creating a Place People Wanted to Work." This interactive session included several auctions, dancing and feedback on how to motivate and engage employees and draw the kind of applicants you need to succeed.

"This information was priceless and encouraging," said one attendee."Entertaining while informative - a great balance!"

The ARCSI staff and 2013 Convention Committee, headed by Chair Angela Wilson, looks forward to seeing you next year in Las Vegas!

Call for Pictures (and Stories!)

Do you have pictures from past ARCSI events you'd be willing to share? How about an inspiring or amusing story? How has ARCSI helped your business and why did you get involved?

In preparation for our 10th Anniversary, staff is seeking photos and stories from past regional meetings, Executive Leadership Conferences and Annual Cleaning Conventions. We hope you'll share! Send all info to Chris Zimmer at

#1 Payroll Blunder: Incorrectly Classifying Employees
tax According to the IRS, there are generally two types of workers: An employee and an independent contractor, and each fills out different tax paperwork (a Form W-2 vs. a Form 1099). Classification is important in determining a worker's entitlement to benefits including health insurance and a retirement plan (and subsequently, anything tax-related to these benefits), as well as determining if the worker is subject to federal income tax or employment tax withholding.

Some companies classify workers as independent contractors to avoid paying things like Social Security, Workman's Comp and unemployment insurance - however, if the worker isn't a legitimate independent contractor the company can be liable for employment taxes. Intuit says if a company can answer yes the any of the following questions, then the worker is not an independent contractor:
  • Does the company control the person's work and hours?
  • Does the company control how the work will be done?
  • Does the company furnish the worker with tools and equipment?

To read the other top 7 mistakes you could be making in handling your payroll, read the ResourceNation article by clicking here.

The recent National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans found that small business owner ()those with at least 10 employees) are up to three times more likely to cancel their health benefit plans after the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, often called Obamacare, is fully implemented.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek for Small Business has done an excellent job of breaking down some of the plan's implications for small business in this article, including exchange enrollment, W-2 reporting, tax implications and high-income individuals.

Free ARCSI 101 Webinar: Get the MOST From Your Membership
ARCSI Board member Dee Strickland will host the free ARCSI 101 Webinar on Wednesday,November 7 at 7:30 pm EDT/4:30 pm PDT. This is a chance for new members and non-members to ask the question they really want answered: What will ARCSI do for ME?

Strickland will co-host the Webinar with former ARCSI Board members Derek Christian of My Maid Service in Cincinnati and Liz Trotter of American Maid in Olympia, WA,

This free webinar is open to both ARCSI members and non-members and we promise you'll take away a new perspective on how ARCSI can help your cleaning business after this 45-minute event.

FTC logo The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has just issuedits revised "Green Guides" designed to help companies marketing Green products ensure that the claims they make about those products are truthful and non-deceptive.

The FTC used input from hundreds of consumers as well as business and industry representatives to develop the revised guidelines.

The first Green Guides were released by the FTC in 1992. They were revised in 1996 and 1998, with the latest revisions issued in October 2012 to take into account recent changes in the marketplace. The updates include new sections not found in earlier guides dealing with carbon offsets, Green certifications, and claims about renewable energy and materials.

According to FTC Chair Jon Leibowitz, the growing interest in environmentally friendly products is a "win for consumers and producers who want to sell them. But this win-win can only occur if marketers' claims are truthful and substantiated."

Among other things, the new guidelines advise marketers against using broad, often unqualified claims such as "environmentally friendly" and "eco-friendly" when describing their products.

According to Mike Sawchuk, Vice President and General Manager of Enviro-Solutions, a leading manufacturer of proven-Green cleaning chemicals, the guidelines also do the following:

  • Advise companies/marketers not to make unqualified claims about the degradability of their products unless they can prove the entire package and/or product will completely break down and return to nature within one year of disposal
  • Clarify the use of such terms as free of and say it is deceptive to claim a product is "free of" a substance but includes another that poses a similar environmental risk
  • Provide guidance on using such terms as compostable, recyclable, and recycled content

"There is also a section focusing on Green certifications and seals," says Sawchuk. "These are designed to tighten the rules about what certification really means with the goal again of eliminating any deceptive practices."

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