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June 28, 2013: The Residential Cleaning Connection
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News, Netoworking & Events

The Residential Cleaning Connection

News, Networking & Events for the Cleaning Professional

June 28, 2013 - Vol 4, Issue 13

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Cleaning for a reason

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July is a good time for mid-year reflection. I find that cleaning my own home is an excellent starting point for this. There is something healing about changing pace from the fast demands of the world and retreating into myself to give my own home a good cleaning. Not only does cleaning produce better health for everyone, but it creates serenity and peace of mind within my opposed to the chaos of everyday realty. (a bonus we can explain to employees!)

Why do the public areas of large institutions, public or private, pay such attention to the physical appearance of their public face? The entrance areas cost a fortune to produce and more to keep immaculate. We enter them and feel the immediate calm. It is amazingly sustaining for us as humans to have order and beauty. It speaks to us of safety and security and serenity. It is the same with our homes...only harder to master than a lobby in a building. After all we are not just passing through ...we are living there.

This service we offer to the world is a very intimate thing, causing innumerable challenges that we as owners struggle with daily. Many people outside of our industry couldn't believe what we see, hear & do. Most of us do it well or we wouldn't be here, but it is not easy. Cleaning my home myself, when no one else is there, if possible, reignites my pride in what I do, what we do, and helps me stay in touch with the importance of our work.

Cleaning for myself also helps me teach, correct, supply, understand and lead. I don't suggest we all clean our own homes. I only want to share with you my feelings about out fledgling industry and the pride we need to be feeling in the services we offer. We are not just cleaners, we are some of the most important hinge-pins of our culture. And when we do it well and professionally everyone benefits.

That's why it is so important to grow this industry professionally. There are so many niches we can fill. We are the silent creators of peace and calm, helping the world to be able to function better. We make space for thinking, for relaxing, for engaging one another in healthy pursuits. We make arriving home the sigh of relief it is meant to be. I am so proud of each of you who were brave enough to stand up and be an owner of a cleaning company, to stick with it,to join ARCSI to learn and grow your skills, and to care about doing it to the best of your ability.

Thank You. My hat's off to you. You are AMAZING people!!

New MSDS Regulations: What You MUST Know

osha With the goal of increasing worker safety through worldwide harmonized hazard communication, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has adopted criteria from the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for classifying and communicating chemical hazards to workers. For companies to be compliant, chemicals made or imported will need to be reevaluated. New labels and safety data sheets (SDSs) will need to be created, and all employees who are exposed to hazardous chemicals in their workplace will need to be retrained.

Effective December 1, 2013, all employers whose employees are exposed to hazardous chemicals must train their employees about the new label elements and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) requirements that are an important part of the GHS revisions to the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard. OSHA has published a guide to the new classification on its site (you can access it by clicking here).

Jean Hanson, of The Janitorial Store, will be giving an important update on the Tuesday, July 2 Hot Topic call/webinar. This is a free session for ARCSI members and is not to be missed. Jean will cover what you need to know, how you need to train your employees and by when they need to be trained.

Click here to register for free now.

Last Chance for Reduced Convention Price
timeismoneyTime is running out to register for the 2013 ACRSI Cleaning Convention at the Early Bird price. In 3 days, the prices will go up and the option to pay monthly is gone. Register now to take advantage of these deals.

Don't miss your chance to save money and enter the Suite Upgrade contest! The first 100 registrants are entered into a drawing for a free upgrade to a suite at Bally's. Click here to register now!

This year's Convention education topics include marketing on the cheap, employee compensation and motivation, and how to begin to move into cleaning for hoarders. Don't miss the exciting education and one-of-a-kind networking events. Click here to register today!
sharontinberg largerSharon Tinberg, owner of Rags to Riches, is holding her Third Annual Regional Meeting in Virginia Beach on Saturday, July 20. Don't miss her day-long workshop on "Building a Self-Sustaining Company" at the Holiday Inn Virginia Beach-Norfolk.

Register by the end of the day today (May 31) and receive the early bird discount price of $74.90 for both the day and evening sessions (sessions also available to purchase separately). Breakfast, lunch and pizza, as well as handouts, are all included in the price. Click here to see the content of the presentations.

To register today, click here. For location and hotel information, click here.

Whether you are an established company or just starting out, the House Cleaning Technician Certification class can give you an edge. ARCSI will sponsor another House Cleaning Technician (HCT) certification class on Monday and Tuesday, July 22 - 23, 2013 in Cincinnati with IICRC certified instructor Bruce Vance of the Institute for Service Excellent. Over 150 people have completed the HCT lass in its first year. This is your chance to differentiate yourself from your competition.

For details and to register for the class, click HERE.
Driving Employee Engagement WebinarARCSI is offering free business webinars through its partner Biz Library in July. Check out these titles:

July 10: Delivering Real Learning to the YouTube Generation

July 17: Employee Training in a Multi-Generational Workforce

July 18: Building a Performance-Based Culture

July 24: Best Practices in Leadership Development

July 31: Driving Engagement with Employee Training and Development

Click here for more information and to register for any or all of these free webinars.

Industry and Business News
Three Ways to Network at Conferences
There are those who LOVE the networking experience. They get a kick out of walking into a room full of people they don't know and enjoy the challenge of walking out of that room with a handful of new friends. Then, there's the rest of us.

Attending a conference or convention where you no few people - or worse, no one - is a scary proposition to many. How do you go about meeting people without sounding or feeling awkward? Here's the key: the rest of us feel the same way!

1. Simplify it. Say, "Hi, I am (Insert Your Name Here). I don't know a soul here, how about you?" Then ask for their business card and give them one in return. Ask them where they work, why they came to the conference, if they have any kids, how long they've worked in the industry, or whatever you think might put them at ease.

2. Volunteer. At the ARCSI Convention, you can volunteer to help with registration at the networking events, moderate a roundtable or to be a Convention "Buddy." All of these are fantastic ways to meet new people without feeling awkward.

3. Follow Up. It happens to all of us. You return to the office with a stack of business cards but you have 16 calls from customers and a multitude of employee issues to deal with. . Pretty soon the stack of cards gets pushed to the side,then to the edge of the desk, then into a drawer. Make a goal: Within three days you will reach out to everyone you met at the conference, connect with them via LinkedIn, and sit down and pen a quick handwritten thank you note with your business card inside-old school, but very personal and very effective.

Let's face it: very few keynote addresses will change your life. But the people you will meet at conferences and conventions have the potential to have a huge impact on your life and your business. Make meeting some new influencers your goal at the ARCSI 2013 Cleaning Convention in November in Las Vegas.
When to Hire a Bookkeeper
Register for the ARCSI Teleconference With an abundance of user-friendly accounting software readily available to business owners, it is easy to understand why many wrestle with their company's financials on their own, In addition to keeping an eye on your bottom line on a daily basis, it seems frivolous to hire a bookkeeper when you think you are getting along fine on your own. reports that those who hire bookkeeping help, though, often find they were not doing as well as they thought. Having a financial professional keep your finances straight can also help you make better decisions about your business.

In her article on, Eileen P. Gunn helps you answer critical questions, like "Do I need a bookkeeper or an accountant?" and if that person should be a staffer or a consultant. Read her full article here.
Inc.'s List of Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read author Geoffrey James knows what entrepreneurs are up against. He just wants to make sure YOU know, too, as a small business owner. In a juxtaposition with his "Top 10 Motivational Books of all Time", James has created a list of "10 Eye-Opening Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read." They include some doozies:

10. How to Lies with Statistics, by Darrell Huff
9. The No A**hole Rule, by Robert I. Sutton, PhD.
8. The 4-Hour Workweek, by Timothy Ferriss
7. The Peter Principle, by Laurence Peter and Raymond Hull
6. Crazy Bosses, by Stanley Bing
5. 21 Dirty Tricks at Work, by Mike Phipps and Colin Gautrey
4. Don't Bring It To Work, by Sylvia Lafair
3. Poorly Made in China, by Paul Midler
2. The Complete Yes Minister, by Jonathan Linn and Antony Jay
1. The Dilbert Principle, by Scott Adams

ARCSI Announcements
Petra Huppert, owner of The Home Cleaning Pro in Anchorage, Alaska, was a charter member of ARCSI, having joined in 2004. Despite the distance, she was a fixture at ARCSI Conventions and Leadership Conferences.Not only was she a strong supporter of ARCSI and committed to attending ARCSI events, but she was also committed to learning and to improving her business.

Petra lost her courageous battle with cancer earlier this year.The last ARCSI event she attended was our 2012 Leadership Conference.At that event, Petra reached out to a new member who was attending her first ARCSI event.This new member lived over an hour from Orlando and had planned to drive back and forth each day.Petra not only offered to share her hotel room, but helped the new member get the most from the conference. After the event, Petra continued to follow up, sent the new member materials to help her business, and helped her over the rough spots that everyone faces in their first few years of business.

To honor Petra's memory, her commitment to learning and her commitment to her professional trade association, ARCSI -along with members Peter Chakonas of Pride Klean and Bonnie Stuart of Details Professional Cleaning - has created the "Huppert Education and building Relationships (HEART) Convention Scholarship". The HEART Scholarship aims to give a small company the opportunity to learn from their peers and get the full Cleaning Convention experience.

The scholarship will include complimentary Cleaning Convention registration, four nights hotel room at the ARCSI headquarters hotel, and a $200 stipend to cover miscellaneous expenses. It also includes a full year of mentoring from Peter CHakonas and Bonnie Stuart. The scholarship recipient will be required to provide their own transportation to the convention as part of their commitment.


· A sincere commitment to grow your business

· Business will have no more than 5 employees (including the owner)

· Have been in business at least two years

· Company is an ARCSI member

· Must be able to attend the ARCSI Convention November 17- 21, 2013

· Applicant must be the owner of the company

How to Apply:

Submit the application (click here to download) and a 300 word essay describing how you believe attending the ARCSI Convention can help you improve and grow your business. The application must be submitted to the ARCSI office no later than August 15, 2013.

The first 100 registrants for the 2013 ARCSI Cleaning Convention will be entered into a drawing to be upgraded to a suite at Bally's during their Convention stay. Featuring a large whirlpool bath, separate and spacious living and bedroom and a magnificent view of The Strip, the winners will have plenty of room to party like rock stars or simply enjoy some peace and quiet after a day of education and networking.

To enter the drawing, be one of the first 100 registrants for the convention. Click here to register now! Early bird prices and monthly payment options are only good through July 1!
Want to use the ARCSI AchieveLinks program but not sure how it works? Here are the top 5 FAQ's that members ask most about effectively using the program:

1. How does the AchieveLinks program work?

The program is an online purchasing program. There are over 950 merchants in the program and it's free to join. As you make purchases for business and pleasure, you will earn Links points. You can take those points and redeem them for a variety of items.


What kind of items can I redeem with my points? The ARCSI AchieveLinks program offers a variety of rewards; from cameras to designer purses,concert tickets to NFL football tickets. A member can even use their points to redeem their ARSCI membership!

3. Is this a credit card program?

No. You do not have to apply for a new credit card program to use ARCSI's AchieveLinks program. You can use any card in your wallet!

4. What is the toolbar and how can it help me?

The purpose of the toolbar is to remind you of which merchants participate in the program without visiting the AchieveLinks website. Simply install the toolbar and every time you visit a merchant that participates in ARSCI's AchieveLinks program, you will be reminded to earn your Links points!

5. Will I lose out on other rewards programs that I participate in by using AchieveLinks? No. In fact, you can double, sometimes even triple dip on earning rewards for just one purchase. For example, let's pretend an ARSCI member makes reserves a room using and he/she belongs to the rewards program:

·Step One: Member visits AchieveLinks and clicks on SHOP NOW to be taken to the website (Note: this step can be eliminated if the toolbar is downloaded)

·Step Two: Member logs in at site with the existing user name and password

·Step Three: Member makes a purchase and earns 3 times!

o Member earns Links points from AchieveLinks

o Member earns credit from loyalty program (if applicable)

o Member earns points from credit card used (if applicable)

It's that easy! Sign up today by visiting and clicking on "SIGN HERE TO JOIN"!

Questions about the program? Feel free to contact our AchieveLinks representative Jackie McMahon at 301-659-9090 or

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