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September 6, 2013:The Residential Cleaning Connection
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News, Netoworking & Events

The Residential Cleaning Connection

News, Networking & Events for the Cleaning Professional

September 6, 2013 - Vol 4, Issue 18

ARCSI Industry Partners Resources

ARCSI Industry Partner-Moody's Insurance Visit us in Vegas!

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Cleaning for a reason

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ARCSI. What are we doing here? Well, quite a lot actually!!

Our membership is continuously growing. We have more registrations for the annual convention, this year in Las Vegas in November than ever at this point, and the registrations keep pouring in. We have had to increase our hotel allotments twice!Thank you. We expect this to be our greatest convention ever. Our Convention Committee is taking its cues from the great convention committees that went before them and from member's suggestions to help plan an event that will have everyone talking, learning and growing...or is that crowing!

The HTC class at the Las Vegas convention is filling up too, so get your registrations in when you can so we can know to count on you. If you haven't done your HTC class do not underestimate the credibility this certification will bring to your company. The clients will be impressed with what you know, who you are and how well you can help them. You will also be more comfortable in your role as expert extraordinaire! So do not hesitate, sign up now! There is also an HCT opportunity in Raleigh just next week. You can find more information on that class in this newsletter.

Also making news are the ARCSI members themselves. We have always had shining stars and some of you have become special stars, donors reaching out to help others achieve their dreams. The Petra Huppert HEART Scholarship is under way among other new initiatives, and if this isn't members helping members I don't know what is. Stay tuned for more in depth kudos about this and other generous actions by your great membership.

Hot Topic Tuesdays are really HOT nowadays and attendance is soaring. Please help yourself by making time and tuning in. The more the merrier as they say, and the more the information gets dispersed that more we all are strong together and separately. Thanks to Dee Strickland for this coordination.

In addition, your ARCSI staff is moving to larger facilities this very week, no more office in a shoebox so to speak! We are so excited for Ernie and Chris! They will both have their own space and storage to boot! They will be still operating in the same building so this has all been handled very nicely.

Thanks to everyone for all their efforts, activity and participation to make our growth dreams come true and keep coming true!

Upcoming Events
Raleigh House Cleaning Tech Course: Sept. 12 - 13

You strive to create the best experience for your clients. The House Cleaning Technician (HCT) course is for cleaning techs who want to provide a superior cleaning and be the best in the industry.

Designed specifically for the owner, trainer, or cleaning tech who wants to meet and exceed the expectations of the more educated homeowner, the HCT course is a comprehensive course in the best practices of cleaning.

The HCT course takes approximately 14 hours over the course of two (2) days to deliver, with an optional certification test closing out day two. Those who choose to become certified can promote themselves as HCT certified through IICRC, lending them credibility and the trust of their clients.

The Raleigh course will be held Sept. 12 - 13 at Sunbelt USA (4211 Atlantic Ave, Raleigh, NC). Click here to register now.

The HCT Course is $275, which includes two days of instruction and all related materials. An optional certification test is given at the end of day two for an additional$65 payable to IICRC by company check or credit card.

Sept. 10 Hot Topic: Your Brand
Debbie Sardone NEW Do you have a defined brand? As a business owner, you should. Your brand exemplifies your company and puts a public face on your home cleaning service.

Join branding expert Debbie Sardone of Buckets & Bows Maid Service, Cleaning For A Reason and The Clean Team Catalog as she discusses the importance of developing your brand and sticking with that brand in all your marketing.

Click here to start the registration process today.

Industry and Business News
Need to Disarm a Negative Nelly? Just Be Nice
null Companies may be reluctant to admit their offices are anything less than pleasant, but incivility-think belittling barbs or gruff responses-can lead to lost productivity, creativity and talent. As employees who are forced to do more work with fewer resources become more stressed, the rudeness is ramping up. So firms are urging staffers to play nice.

A recent Wall Street Journal online article by Rachel Feinzeig looks at how some companies are combating negative energy by promoting civility and just plain old niceness.

Diana Henley, owner of NaturalCare Cleaning in Houston, recently addressed the same issues on a Hot Topic Tuesday call. "We only hire nice people," said Henley. Those with even a whiff of negative attitude are shown the door.

But what happens when you hire someone you thought was nice and they turn out to be less than positive? "I 'nice' them right on out of there," said Henley. "After a discussion about the needed attitude adjustment, Henley follows-up repeatedly, and always wiht a smile on her face. "Most of the time, they just get sick of seeing my smiling face and end up leaving on their own," she said.

To read the complete WSJ article, click here.

5 Team Lessons from the Navy SEALs
In nullthe military, there are shared beliefs, consistent values, and deep traditions across all military units. In comparison, it's often unclear in businesses what values a company operates with. In the military, certain protocols exist such as respect for rank regardless of the military branch, following orders, communicating clearly , and giving only one's absolute best. But corporate cultures vary--from top-down hierarchies to vague or flat leadership.

Fast Company recently ran an intriguing article by Shawn Parr on how business teams - and even cleaning teams - need to be more like the Navy Seals.

1. A Navy SEAL does not discriminate.
Regardless of shape, size, beliefs, or culture, the biggest personal trait demanded of a SEAL is demeanor. A Navy SEAL does not display a superior attitude or arrogance, but rather a confidence in his physical and mental abilities for the good of the team.

Often times, cleaning teams become dysfunctional when one member thinks they are better than, or are doing more work than, their teammate(s). Nip this attitude in the bud - everyone is equal on the team.

2. Every person counts.
Settling for mediocrity is the death of an organization. Every SEAL knows with 100% confidence that the person behind him will be able to save his life.

Settling on mediocrity will be the death of your cleaning business, too, if you allow it. Every team member is important and the job they do is important - vitally important - to your business.

3. SEALS train.
When SEALs are not on combat deployment, they spend the vast majority of their time in training. The importance of training for new employees, or even a veteran team, is vital to the success of the business. Navy SEALs spend thousands of hours honing their skills, and so should employees in a profession.

4. Everyone is expendable.
All SEALs are trained in a nearly identical manner, so no one SEAL is indispensable to the unit or the mission. The understanding during combat is that anyone can be lost at any time and the rest of the unit can carry on the mission successfully. Businesses need to ensure contingency plans are in place for any unforeseen personnel circumstances within their organization so the team can carry on without any delays.

5. You never know the measure of people until they are tested.
People are more resilient and tougher than imagined. During SEAL training, instructors prove that their men are capable of 10 times more than what they ever imagined. Until your team is really tested, you can never be too sure who will step up and who will falter in any given situation.

To read the entire Fast Company article by Shawn Parr click here.

The Perfect Hire Every Time
null has insider tips on how to make the perfect hire every time. Their recent article, "How to Hire a Winner Every Time", sites numerous things you can do to ensure that you're getting the right employee for the right job.

Among the site's words of advice is to include a section in the interview that asks what the candidate wants and what they are looking for. Asking about why they are making a career or company change and what kind of environment they are looking for will help set up expectations on both your part and theirs.

After you learn what the candidate is looking for, be honest with yourself and the potential employee in assessing whether your company can supply that. Managing everyone's expectations is one key to a happy employee.

To read the entire article, click here.

ARCSI Awards Finalists to be Announced
Did you submit an application for an ARCSI Image Award? Did you nominate one of your fantastic staff from the President's Award or Professional Cleaner of the Year?

Nominations are complete and the finalists and winners will be announced soon. Watch your email next week for the announcement of the winners of the ARCSI Professional Cleaner of the Year Award and President's Award as well as for the finalists in all the ARCSI Image Award categories.
Are You Achieving All Your Rewards?
Not long ago, the ARCSI announced our partnership with AchieveLinks®, the unique rewards program created exclusively for associations.

If you've already activated your account, you already know how fast your Links® Reward Points can add up. Just by making the same purchases you already make for your business and personal life from merchants like Grainger, Microsoft Store, Home Depot, and, you've been earning valuable Links toward must-have merchandise, valuable gift cards, and once in a lifetime experiences.

If you haven't activated yet, don't wait another minute! There is no cost, no risk, and no obligation. You've already earned all the benefits and privileges of your AchieveLinks account, just by being a member of ARCSI. Plus, you get 500 Bonus Links just for signing up and 500 additional Links with your first purchase! You can also use Links to pay for ARCSI dues or conference fees.

Your friends and colleagues are already reaping the rewards of AchieveLinks. Join them now by visiting and activate your account today!

Spotlight on the Cleaning Convention: Hot Topics
The education schedule is complete for the 2013 ARCSI Cleaning Convention and it includes everything YOU want to learn. From how to market on a shoestring budget to cleaning for hoarders to dealing with conflict effectively (whether it is with your staff or customers) - ARCSI has the topics you want to see.

Hire Winners; Not Whiners
Mel Kleiman, president of Humetrics, is back this year, following up on last year's incredibly popular talk on hiring. Kleiman will walk you through the traits you must look for in the rick star employees you want to hire and tell you how to stop hiring whiners and start hiring winners.

Cleaning for Hoarders
We've all seen the reality TV shows highlighting people trapped in their homes by the towers of clutter, kitchens that have not seen a scrub brush in decades and winding paths carved through the chaos. Have you ever watched those shows and wondered how you can help or how many hours of cleaning hoarders require? Kristin Bergfeld, founder of Bergfeld's Estate Clearance Services literally wrote the book on cleaning for hoarders. She'll be at the Cleaning Convention telling you how you can get into this lucrative business and how to use the "Clutter Hoarding Scale" she helped develop.

Massive Marketing
Whether you have a million dollar budget or no marketing budget at all, the ARCSI Cleaning Convention has a panel help you make the most of your marketing opportunities. One all-star panel will discuss "Marketing Without Money" for those just starting out. For those who have been in the game for a while, the "Million Dollar Marketing Panel" will share some of their big ideas.

Interested in what else we're highlighting in the way of education at the 2013 ARCSI Cleaning Convention? For a full Convention schedule, click here.

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