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June 30, 2017 Residential Cleaning Connection Newsletter
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 Volume 8  |  Issue 6 

It’s Almost Show Time!

By RJ Patel, Residential Cleaning Council Chair





We are poised to welcome the premier event of the year for the residential cleaning industry. Here is what’s waiting for you in Las Vegas:

  • 20+ hours of customized education for residential cleaning companies
  • Networking events, including the Welcome Reception, Evening Roundtables & Chairman's Gala
  • Networking Luncheon on Monday, September 11
  • ISSA Keynote Speakers Troy Aikman and Howie Mandel
  • Trade show floor badge and access to the Residential Pavilion
  • 60+ educational seminars, training, and certification workshops

We are so excited for this year’s event. Our Cleaning Convention is now officially part of the much larger ISSA Trade Show and Convention. We can now offer you everything we have in the past – and much more!


But without a ticket to the Residential Cleaning Connection package, you will miss out on so much!


Have you registered for the event yet? If not, we have put together the five simple steps you need to take to register.

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Register to Attend”
  3. Login using your company name or ISSA Member ID. (If you need your ISSA Member ID, login to the ARCSI website at and go to “My Profile.” Your ID is on the “Bio” tab.)
  4. Complete the registration form
  5. Select the “Residential Cleaning Connection” package to take advantage of all aspects of the show for residential cleaning companies

I have been working with this year’s committee as they plan the networking events – and with Amy King in charge, they are taking this event to a new level. They are planning a business card exchange for the Welcome Reception. They are determined to help all attendees make as many connections at this event as possible, making the networking at the show more valuable than ever. Don’t forget our First-Time Attendee Orientation on Sunday, September 10. We will give our first-timers a chance to meet the Residential Cleaning Council, the Show Committee and many of our veteran attendees and find out all you need to know to make your show a success.


I can’t stress enough the need for you to be at this event. For residential cleaning company owners and managers, this is a must-attend. If you haven’t registered or made your travel plans yet, I encourage you to do so. You won’t be sorry you went – but you will regret it if you don’t go!


I hope to see you in Las Vegas!







Award Nomination Deadline Extended to July 14

The ARCSI 2017 Professional Image Awards are the perfect opportunity to recognize the extraordinary people around us. The deadline to submit your nominations for 2017 is extended to July 14 to allow ample time for all companies make their submissions. Be sure to get your nominations in now for the 2017 Professional Image Awards.


Who will walk away with ARCSI’s most prestigious awards – the Professional Cleaner of the Year Presented by PerfectClean and the Chairman’s Award? You tell us! Send us your submissions for the members of your team that stand out!


The Professional Cleaner of the Year
Presented by PerfectClean

Rewarding fantastic staff is important. If you have a "go to" cleaner or trainer that never misses a beat, is always upbeat, helpful to other staff and whom you, your clients and your employees love, we want to meet them! Recognize your best cleaning tech or trainer as a Professional Cleaner of the Year nominee.


The Chairman's Award

Celebrating your top office staff person, office managers, salespeople, and all other employees who work in your office by nominating them for the ARCSI Chairman's Award. This is the person without whom your business simply run as smoothly and whom you depend on when you are out of the office.


Download the Professional Cleaner of the Year and Chairman's Award Application.


Professional Image Awards

The ARCSI Professional Image Awards present you with the opportunity to showcase the wonderful marketing efforts you have taken to build and grow your business. Each year, ARCSI recognizes the following awards:

  • Logo
  • Uniform
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Website

Our Awards Committee encourages ALL ARCSI members to submit in at least one category. You can submit in up to three (3) categories, but in any year you can only win in a maximum of two (2) categories, so carefully review each category before you make your submission.


Download an application today for the Image Awards.


Send your applications to Ernie Hartong at no later than July 14, 2017.




Countdown Is for the 2017 ISSA Show & Convention in Las Vegas


The ARCSI Annual Cleaning Convention is now part of the ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America Trade Show and ISSA Convention, to be held September 10-14, 2017, in Las Vegas, NV. Registration and housing are now open!


Registration Made Easy


Registering for the ISSA Convention is simple. Follow these steps to get registered today for the premier event of the year for residential cleaning companies.

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Register to Attend”
  3. Login using your company name or ISSA Member ID. (If you need your ISSA Member ID, login to the ARCSI website at and go to “My Profile.” Your ID is on the “Bio” tab.)
  4. Complete the registration form
  5. Select the “Residential Cleaning Connection” package to take advantage of all aspects of the show for residential cleaning companies

Please note: The Residential Cleaning Connection package is $249. The package includes all of the ARCSI and ISSA seminars and workshops, the keynote speakers, the Trade Show floor and the evening networking receptions.


ARCSI Hotel Headquarters


Make your reservations today to be sure you are at the right location for all of the evening events!


Bally’s Las Vegas
3645 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone: 702-967-4111



Residential Cleaning Connection Package 
 Book Hotel  |  Register Now


Words That Drive Customers Away –

By Nancy Friedman, Telephone Doctor, Customer Service Expert


We call them conversation diverters. Just as ALWAYS and NEVER are. Customer and friends doubt you with those words.


Killer words help make your customers and your potential customers veer away from the real point of your conversation.


So best we eliminate them from our routine and vocabulary. It’s not easy to do. If it were easy to do, everyone would be doing it…and we know everyone isn’t doing it.


Here are 5 of the top-rated killer words. There are more. Remove them and watch the scene go smoother.


1. “No Problem.” – The Customer is thinking, “When was I a problem?” Believe we can thank the ‘islands’ for this one. When we take a cruise and ask for anything, what’s the first thing the waiter says? Right, “no problem.”

Well on the cruise it may be okay; however, back home it should be the GOLD STANDARD of “you’re welcome,” “my pleasure,” “happy to help,” and a host of other ways to let the customer know you’re glad to do that.

“No problem” appears to be a big problem with your customers. Lose it. It kills the conversation.

2. “Our computers are so slow.” – Big excuse. Everyone’s computer runs slow occasionally. When you complain about your computer it’s perceived as though, you’re complaining about your company. And perception is reality. Take the time to say, “This might take a bit longer than I’d like it to. Tell me about…” and then ask a benign question that will take time and let the customer talk.

While most people do understand slow computers, they don’t like it. It kills the conversation.

3. “Calm Down.” – Oh man does this one make the hair on the back of their neck stand up. In any movie or TV show I’ve watched lately when someone is told to “calm down,” the next words are, “Don’t you tell me to calm down.”

There are times when the client may need to vent. Your job is to listen and come in at the appropriate time with sympathetic and empathetic wording. You telling a customer how to handle their actions isn’t a great idea. Get rid of the expression “calm down.”

4. “It’s not our policy.” – Ouch! Okay, okay, most every company has policies and it’s something we need to deal with daily I’m sure. What is not necessarily is blurting it out first and foremost to the customer.

The policy should be rephrased so it starts off in a more positive way. We like to say, “rejecting gently.” And rephrasing policies are a good way soften the blow and explain in a more TLC way what will happen.

Next time you find yourself saying, “That’s not our (their) policy.” Stop. Regroup and reword. Buffer it with, “Let me see what we can do. Normally the policy of the company doesn’t allow last minute changes.” (The request MUST be re-stated so the customer hears you’re going to go to bat for them.) However, we can sure tackle this. Let me double check.”

What happens is sometimes when we go back on behalf of the client, it works. And then sometimes it doesn’t. But at least we double checked. And we didn’t just slough it off with, “I’m sorry. It’s not our/their policy.”

5. “Yes, but…” – Hmm what’s wrong with that? We all say it. Well, what’s wrong with that is the minute we say “yes, but,” the client knows something negative is coming.

If you have ever said, “I love you so much, but…” There’s a condition coming, isn’t there? Here’s one way to change that: “Yes, we can do that. There is, however, a $50 additional fee.” Doesn’t that sound better than, “Yes but…”?


Most people have phrases and sayings they don’t like or that aggravate them. Keep a list of your killer words (along with ours) and avoid them.

Nancy Friedman will be the ARCSI Featured Speaker, September 11 at ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America 2017 . Come to hear her attention-grabbing session, “Hell Hath No Fury Like a Customer Scorned.” With her high energy, Friedman is the perfect choice to lead off the ARCSI Education Conference.


Nancy Friedman is president of The Telephone Doctor Customer Service, which offers online training modules on customer service, customer loyalty, communications, internal customer service, sales training, management, and leadership programs. For more information, visit







The HCT Comes to Syracuse Next Week
Set Your Business Apart from the Competition

The HCT Certification differentiates you from other residential cleaning companies in your market as professional and knowledgeable. On July 7-8, the HCT class will be in Syracuse, New York, to provide a new location for those wanting to take their business to the next level.


Register Now for Syracuse!

July 7-8, 2017

Syracuse, New York


The House Cleaning Technician (HCT) certification program teaches cleaning technicians how to go about doing just that. Becoming certified gives you the knowledge to be the best cleaner possible. Certified House Cleaning Techs understand all the surfaces they will find in clients' homes, how to clean them and (almost more importantly) how NOT to clean them.


Offered by the IICRC accredited school, the Institute for Service Excellence, the course is taught by Bruce Vance, ISE.





July 11 Hot Topic Tuesday
How to STOP Cleaning (In Your Cleaning Business) FOREVER

SPECIAL TIME: 5pm Eastern/4 pm Central/2 pm Pacific


Everyday as a cleaning business owner, you wear many hats. HR, trainer, marketer, customer service and cleaner. Being in the field on a regular basis limits or prohibits your ability to take care any of these tasks. That is why it is critical you must and should get out of the field to have your business truly grow. But how do you do it?


Pam Washington of Build My Cleaning Business, will talk about how to get out of the field and truly starting growing your business.




Bring your questions: Hot Topic Tuesday is an interactive call!




Free Webinar: Getting Results Without Authority

Organizations have changed—sometimes no one person is clearly "the boss." Between flatter structures, contracting, and outsourcing, success depends on gaining the cooperation of people and resources that you do not have direct authority over.


Topic: Getting Results Without Authority

Date: July 25, 2017

Time: 12:30 PM EST / 1:30 CST


Prepare to learn the skills you need to get maximum results from people who don’t report to you. You’ll discover:

  • How to influence others by building trust, credibility, and respect
  • Tips to create an open environment
  • How to hold others accountable while strengthening your own leadership skills
  • How to overcome common obstacles to managing without authority

Register now!


Questions? Please contact ISSA Marketing Director, Priya Ponnuswamy, at or 800-225-4772.






ARCSI Executive Director Talks “Clean”

Ernie Hartong, ARCSI Executive Director, spent some time doing interviews for radio stations across the country, discussing the concept of “clean.” Hartong shared with listeners what some of the dirtiest areas are in your house and places most never think to clean.


Listen to an interview:

For more residential videos, visit ISSA TV.



Stay Up-to-Date with Commercial Flooring, Construction & Economic Trends

ISSA and the American Association of Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers (AACEM) have developed a new AACEM/ISSA Quarterly Flooring Trends Report. This report, available as an exclusive member benefit, highlights critical data to help ISSA and AACEM members stay current with commercial construction activity and projections, flooring materials trends, and key U.S. economic indicators.


Whether you manufacture equipment, formulate chemicals, distribute cleaning equipment and supplies, or clean and maintain commercial facilities, this report will help you make more informed business decisions.


ISSA and AACEM have engaged commercial flooring market research leader Market Insights, LLC, to conduct the data analysis and prepare the quarterly reports.


With FREE access to these quarterly reports, ISSA and AACEM members can:

  • Analyze historical data and forecasts for new and replacement flooring
  • Gain an understanding of the commercial market by facility type (e.g., health care, education, institutional, retail, offices, and lodgings)
  • Review additional economic and market trends that may impact all segments of our industry. 

Download the report now!




10 Tips on How to Stay Married While Owning a Business

By Becky Christian,
Cleaning Business Today


Derek and I have been married for almost 17 years, and in this time he’s owned 5 to 12 businesses, depending how you count. There have been some stressful times for both of us, but we’ve found several things that help us manage marriage, parenthood and both of our jobs. Here my top-10 list.


Read the full article







ISSA Family Continues to Grow, Brings On Cleaning for a Reason and IEHA

ISSA has adopted Cleaning For A Reason, the nonprofit organization that offers free house cleaning to women battling cancer. Through the partnership, ISSA hopes to assist the charity in achieving its long-desired goal of outreach expansion.

“I can’t think of a more worthy cause or better fit for ISSA than Cleaning For A Reason,” says ISSA Executive Director John Barrett. “We can’t remove a woman’s cancer, but we can wipe away one of her worries.”


ISSA and Cleaning For A Reason are sending the message that “help is on the way” for more women so they can focus on their health. With this advancement, ISSA will bring new resources and capabilities, and in turn, more influence and exposure to Cleaning For A Reason as a whole.


“We are so honored to be joining ISSA,” says Cleaning For A Reason President and Founder Debbie Sardone. “We will be able to take our outreach from the United States and Canada to other places worldwide. This means more women will benefit from our mission, and we can’t thank ISSA enough for making that happen.”


IEHA Approves Merger with ISSA


ISSA and IEHA also announced that the IEHA members voted to approve the resolution for the two associations to merge. The merger takes effect July 1, 2017.
“We couldn’t be more excited about this merger and the benefits, resources, and power it will bring to our membership,” says IEHA President Michael Patterson.


“Drawing on ISSA’s resources, we will be able to grow our membership and provide wider options for educational programs.”


Under the terms of the agreement, IEHA memberships will have access to global ISSA membership and benefits, including expanded educational opportunities, market exposure, networking opportunities, business tools and data, and other industry information.


“ISSA's mission is to change the way the world views cleaning in all sectors of the industry,” says ISSA Executive Director John Barrett. “The merger of ISSA and IEHA is yet another move toward creating one strong, unified industry.” 







Welcome to

Residential Members


  • April Castillo, Kingdom First Cleaning Services, Newark, New Jersey
  • Yoli Chambers, Superior Cleaning Service, Hot Springs, Arkansas
  • Jamie Closson, Closson Cleaning, Palm Coast, Florida
  • Roberta Della Vedova, Dusting Bunnies, Carlsbad, California
  • Wendy Finkbeiner, Spotless Results Cleaning, Marquette, Michigan
  • Andrea Finkelstein, Care with Confidence, Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Julio Heredia, Jay’s Cleaning Solutions, Orlando, Florida
  • Emmanuel Jones, Jones Cleaning Service, Belleville, Michigan
  • Miranda Mercuri, Mercuri Cleaning Services, Rockland, Ontario
  • Anna Moreno, Anna’s Cleaning Service, Sun Valley, California
  • Andre Moseley, Cleaning Queenz, Altamonte Springs, Florida
  • Colleen O’Rourke, We Maid It Clean, Warminster, Pennsylvania
  • Doreen Renken, Riverside Cleaning, Merrill, Wisconsin
  • Tana Sullens, Jefferson City Cleaning Services, Jefferson City, Missouri
  • Rati Walther, Ultra One Green, Lansing, Michigan
  • Derrick Witt, Errand Girl Home Cleaning Serv., Eden Prairie, Minnesota





It’s Almost Show Time!


Award Nomination Deadline Extended to July 14


Countdown Is On to 2017 ISSA Show & Convention in Las Vegas


Words That Drive Customers Away – Killer Words of Customer Service


The HCT Comes to Syracuse Next Week


July 11 Hot Topic Tuesday: How to STOP Cleaning (in Your Cleaning Business) FOREVER


Free Webinar: Getting Results Without Authority


ARCSI Executive Director Talks “Clean”


Stay Up-to-Date with Commercial Flooring, Construction & Economic Trends


10 Tips on How to Stay Married While Owning a Business


ISSA Family Continues to Grow, Brings On Cleaning for a Reason and IEHA


Welcome to New Members





















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