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July 28, 2017 Residential Cleaning Connection Newsletter
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 Volume 8  |  Issue 7 

What Gets You Up in the Morning


By Ernie Hartong


One of my colleagues recently attended a conference where one of the discussions put a new twist on an old theme. Instead of “What keeps you up at night” they chose to talk about “What Gets You Up in the Morning!” It got me to thinking about my eight plus years with ARCSI. There have been a lot of reasons to get up in the morning. It starts with our over 600 members. Talking with members each day and learning about their successes or pointing them in a direction to help solve a problem still gets me “jazzed up”. It’s about the passion for what I do. Fortunately, throughout my career I have had that passion for what I was doing most to the time. When the passion wasn’t there I knew it was time to move on.


So my question to you is, Do you still have that passion when you get up in the morning? Do you get excited about what you can do for your clients that day? Do you look for ways to help your employees grow and improve each day? If you don’t, you are just going through the motions. I will argue that just going through the motions will never produce desired outcomes, either for your business or your personal life. 


The merger of ARCSI with ISSA has reignited my passion. As we explore and develop new opportunities and programs for our members the sky is the limit. We now have the resources to do things we were not able to do in the past and that is exciting.


So I challenge you to give it a try. Instead of worrying about what keeps you up at night, focus on what gets you up in the morning. Ask that same question to your staff, the answers may give you a whole new insight and perspective on what is really important.


See you in Vegas…..





Countdown Is for the 2017 ISSA Show & Convention in Las Vegas


The ARCSI Annual Cleaning Convention is now part of the ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America Trade Show and ISSA Convention, to be held September 10-14, 2017, in Las Vegas, NV.


Please note: The Residential Cleaning Connection package is $249. The package includes all of the ARCSI and ISSA seminars and workshops, the keynote speakers, the Trade Show floor and the evening networking receptions.


ARCSI Hotel Headquarters


Make your reservations today to be sure you are at the right location for all of the evening events!


Bally’s Las Vegas
3645 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone: 702-967-4111



Residential Cleaning Connection Package  

 Book Hotel  |  Register Now



Employee Engagement… It Begins with You!

By Don Phin


What are the costs of disengaged employees? Poor service, poor attitudes, and high turnover for starts. Then throw in weak work comp claims, lawsuits, negative Glassdoor reviews and brand damage.


A professor at Boston University, William Kahn, kicked off the discussion about employee engagement in a 1990 management journal article. He said engaged people are mentally, physically and emotionally involved in their work. 


Mind, body and soul all working in harmony. That’s engagement nirvana. And the key to a great bottom-line.


Encouraged by what they were learning, leaders looked to engagement to increase an employee’s productivity by generating “discretionary effort.”


In 2000 Gallup began using their enormous survey resources to track worldwide engagement numbers. And I must tell you…it’s not a pretty picture. In surveys since then less than one third of employees have considered themselves engaged.


That means two out of three people go to work every day simply to collect a paycheck… and many hate their jobs. For these people work is a life draining affair…and it has far reaching consequences.


I am sure you and your employees are a lot like me. I feel engaged in my work when I am clear about the goals, I’m good at what I am doing or I am learning something new, I work with great people, in a great environment and I produce great results.


I look forward to doing that work because it is energy giving, not energy depleting.


This means my goal as an owner or business leader is to provide the opportunity for an engaging work experience. That’s the culture we want because as Drucker said, “culture eats strategy for breakfast”.


Engagement Begins with You


I believe this: no professor can tell you what engages employees at your company better than you can. And nobody has a larger impact on the company culture…or engagement …than you.


What experience have you had with engaging bosses? What was is it about them that inspired you? What motivated you to take action and become more engaged in the process? When I facilitate this in live presentations I get back a similar set of responses. I am told these engaging leaders were:

  • Passionate
  • Highly skilled
  • Inclusive
  • Good listener
  • Challenging
  • Strong values
  • Vision

Chances are my list and your list have many similarities. This is not rocket science. We can also do a list of the characteristics of demotivating, uninspiring and disengaged bosses and those lists would match as well.


So…how do you rate yourself as an engaging leader?


Being an engaged leader is a choice. One we make every day. When you look at the characteristics of the engaging leader how would you rate yourself?


I have often done an exercise with the executives I coach. I'll do it with you now. On a piece of paper write down the answer to this simple question: what 3 things would people like to see you change about your leadership style? Invariably the response I get is spot on. You probably already know what people want to see you change about yourself. My question is what is your resistance to it? Do you maybe need coaching or training? Are you running too hard to feel what is going on?


Solicit feedback


Success is an inside-out job. As the good Buddha said, “what comes to you comes from you.” Be not afraid and solicit honest feedback…if you truly want to improve:

  • What do I do that is engaging?
  • What can I do that is disengaging?
  • Be open and listen
  • Be thankful
  • Be thoughtful
  • Let them know what you will do



In a future article, I can write about engaging “them.” For now, the place to begin is with you.


Don Phin is an attorney, HR catalyst and trainer. He just launched a training on Employee Engagement. You can learn more about Don at where you can get his Tip of the Week and free tools. Don is one of ARCSI’s speakers for the Residential Cleaning Connection package at the 2017 ISSA/INTERCLEAN Trade Show and ISSA Convention. Phin will talking “Master Human Resources Like a Boss” in a two-part session. For complete details, visit



The Importance of Family Meetings

By Henry Hutcheson, Family Business USA


Working in a business is tough. Employees are trying to get ahead, develop their skills, and impress their boss. Most likely they are competing with a co-worker for advancement. At the same time, managers and owners are trying to develop and execute successful strategies while trying to groom their employees. And this whole dance occurs in an environment of aggressive competitors, choosy customers, and margin-squeezed suppliers.


Now imagine that this business is a family business with a mom, dad, son, daughter, son-in-law and maybe a nephew, all with different skills, life goals, and relationships with each other. No wonder over 66% of all family businesses don’t succeed to the next generation.


As Steve Forbes stated at a CEO Forum, communication is the key to success for any family business. Family Meetings are one of the best ways to improve communication in a family business. Here are some simple guidelines for family businesses to improve communication by holding effective family meetings.


1) When in doubt, include everyone
Clearly you include the family members in the business, regardless of their role. Yes, maybe the cousin is working on the factory floor, or maybe your sister is only part time. You also need those who are not working in the business, but are directly related, and spouses. Exclusion can create animosity and suspicion, and partners are typically the closest confidant, and strongest influencer, to the working family member.


2) Start with developing a code of conduct
The purpose of the code of conduct is to lay the ground rules of how the meetings will take place to ensure that everyone gets a chance to be heard, and that behaviors that impede communication are left outside. The key to an effective family code of conduct is that it must be created from scratch by the family members themselves.

3) Active listening
Many people think this phrase means to pay attention, but that is only part of the definition. The other part is to prove it. This is done by paraphrasing back to the speaker what you think you just heard and asking them if they understood correctly. This does not mean you necessarily agree with them. But without knowing they have been heard, the discussion grinds to a halt. The Harvard Program on Negotiations includes active listening as a core module.

4) Hold meetings regularly
They can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. But the important thing is for everyone to know when the next meeting will occur. Left open-ended family members with issues to discuss can feel that others want to avoid their topic, and animosity can build towards whoever is responsible for scheduling the meeting. Either have a regular schedule or schedule the next meeting at the end of every meeting.

5) Plan the meeting
Be sure to allocate enough time for the meeting, give everyone a chance to put their item on the agenda before the meeting, and leave time for open discussion. By doing this, everyone can be assured of getting a chance to speak and be heard.

6) Facilitator
Family meetings can become awkward if there is a disagreement. Other family members will jump in, or get dragged in, and try to resolve the impasse with good intentions. Unfortunately, this usually results in the feeling that “people are taking sides”. Moreover, as the designated or default coordinator has some power, suspicion of their true motives can exist. An experienced facilitator who has no vested interest in the outcome can help keep family meetings on track.

7) Incorporate some fun
It doesn’t have to be much, but something that reminds everyone that we are here because we want to be, not because we have to be. You could begin each meeting with each person recounting an interesting encounter since the last meeting. Or ask an amusing question to answer: What five foods would you want if stranded on an island, etc. Everyone can answer or you can simply rotate turns at each meeting.

Family meetings are a great way to improve communication in a family business. Some thought and planning are required to be effective, but they are indispensable to the success of the business and the family.


Henry Hutcheson is the founder and president of Family Business USA, He grew up working for his family’s business, Olan Mills Portrait Studios. Henry has spoken to family business groups across the county, has been a family business columnist for three newspapers, and his work has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers including Forbes, Fortune, Inc, and the Wall Street Journal. Henry will be leading two sessions in the Residential Cleaning Connection package at the ISSA/INTERCLEAN Trade Show and Convention in Vegas. Click here for more details.








Two More Options to Get Your HCT in 2017!
Set Your Business Apart from the Competition

The HCT Certification differentiates you from other residential cleaning companies in your market as professional and knowledgeable. ARCSI has two more classes scheduled right now for you to take the HCT!

The House Cleaning Technician (HCT) certification program teaches cleaning technicians how to go about doing just that. Becoming certified gives you the knowledge to be the best cleaner possible. Certified House Cleaning Techs understand all the surfaces they will find in clients' homes, how to clean them and (almost more importantly) how NOT to clean them.


Offered by the IICRC accredited school, the Institute for Service Excellence, the course is taught by Bruce Vance, ISE.




August 1 Hot Topic Tuesday: The Dream of Your BUSINESS & The Business of YOUR Dreams

1 pm Eastern/12 pm Central/10 am Pacific

Moderator: Eric Grace, Graceworks Housecleaning Services


This will be a hands on approach Hot Topic where each participant will be invited to share their vision and mission of their cleaning business and what challenges they are finding along the way to realizing them.


We will be discussing and discovering the vision and mission of your business, what the default mode of operation tends to be, and how the success of your business has the ability to help make your personal dreams become actualized as well. We will also be taking time to discuss how your personal dreams are directly linked to the goals of your business being achieved. Some questions to consider ahead of time:


  • Why did you get into the cleaning business?
  • What is your dream for your business to become?
  • Do you ever discuss what the dreams of your cleaners are?
  • What are your personal goals and dreams?
  • Do you see how the success of your business leads to your personal dream being realized?




Bring your questions: Hot Topic Tuesday is an interactive call!







The Evolution of Cleaning Products

Embracing new technology often puts old habits into better perspective, and in doing so, may make way for fresh opportunities. This is exactly what is happening within today’s $51 billion cleaning industry . For over 200 years, chemical cleaners have worked along the same lines. Very little attention was paid to their side effects because they were, and still are, excellent at their job. Our quality of life in those 200 years has improved greatly because of them.


Yet, the current popularity in green technology comes as more scientific and public awareness argues the value for efficient products that do not pollute or need much worker effort.


This is very important to service providers because the average cleaning company can lose up to 55% of their customers each year due to what may be perceived as poor service1. Today’s cliental is much more educated (thank you internet) and informed (thank you social media). Customers seek green products because they want spotless carpets, floors, furniture without risk of harm to pets and children. Green is now synonymous with a worry free lifestyle, or one where customers feel their hard work and sacrifice has earned them 21st century luxuries.


A recent EPA study found air within the average American home—one, that is routinely cleaned—is likely filled with 2 to 5 times more chemical toxins than the air outside2. As many as 20 to 150 different chemicals contribute to indoor pollution, creating an irony where cleaning the home or office actually contaminates it.


Of course no one is calling for bans on traditional cleaners, since most of these products are used responsibly. However, upswings in asthma, allergies and cancers warrant a review of life choices, among them, how often some of the riskier cleaners are used. Especially since green alternatives such as enzyme enhanced cleaners, can achieve the same efficiencies without the hazards. For the service provider, greener products can require less hands on effort. For instance many enzyme based floor cleaners, are mop-and-go products that will digest Fats, Oils and Grease even as the cleaner dries. Surfaces like metal and wood, face less chance of being stained or aged by acidic, alkaline or other harsh chemicals.


This kind of progress provides savvy service providers new ways to connect and attract customers. Along the way they can also lessen overall operation costs and worker efforts3.


Commonly used hazardous cleaners include some surprises:

  • AMMONIA: Is a very volatile chemical and is very damaging to eyes, respiratory and tract and skin.
  • ANIBACTERIAL CLEANERS: Some contain triclosan, which is absorbed through the skin and has been tied to liver damage. Overuse of antibacterial cleaner can lead to resistant super-germs.
  • CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY SHAMPOO: Some contain perchloethylene, a known carcinogen that damagers the liver, kidney and nervous system. Some may contain ammonium hydroxide, a corrosive that is extremely irritable to eyes, skin and respiratory passages.
  • CHLORINE: This is the number one cause of breast cancer. Chlorine products should be handled with protective gloves, face masks and gloves. The harmful effects are intensified when the fumes are heated, as in the shower. These products should be used in well ventilated areas.


Dr. Samih Abouhalkah Ph.D is Vice President, Research & Development for Enzyme Solutions, Inc. and President of Vintage Chemical, Inc. He holds two US patents for chemical preparations. Dr. Abouhalkah is member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the Chemical Consultants Network. His work includes development of medical instrument sterilizers and lubes, development of residential, commercial and industrial cleaners and degreasers.


Mark Venderley is Vice President, Healthcare for Enzyme Solutions, Inc. He also serves as manager for the Naturally It’s Clean retail line of organic residential and commercial cleaners, as well as oversees the company’s medical private label program.


Earbie Bledsoe is Foodservice, Jan-San manager for Enzyme Solutions, Inc.




CBT Product Reviews: Brillo Estracell

We check out the "No Scratch Sponge with Wedge Edge"
The Brillo website says that their new Estracell sponge reaches deeper, is no scratch, has a unique shape, and is more sanitary. In my latest CBT Product Review, I take a closer look and tell you the one little feature that our cleaners say they like better than a regular sponge. To suggest a product for me to review, leave your suggestion in the YouTube comments box. Read the full article on Cleaning Business Today.







Voting Open for the 2017 ISSA Innovation Award Program

Voting is now open for the 2017 ISSA Innovation Award program at The program recognizes the cleaning industry’s most innovative products and services as voted on by cleaning-industry distributors, building service contractors, in-house service providers, and residential cleaners.


The ISSA Innovation Award program features new products and services from top manufacturers and suppliers throughout the cleaning industry. Entries are organized in five categories: Cleaning Agents, Dispensers, Equipment, Services and Technology, and Supplies and Accessories. All exhibiting entries will be on display in the ISSA Innovation Showcase, Booth 709, during the ISSA/INTERCLEAN® Trade Show and ISSA Convention in Las Vegas, NV, September 10-14.


Voting for the Category awards remains open online through Friday, September 8, 2017. The winners of the Category awards will be announced at 11:45 a.m., Monday, September 11, during the ISSA Lunch and Learn session at ISSA/INTERCLEAN. Voting continues on-site, with show attendees able to view the products in person and cast votes for the Visitors’ Choice awards. The winners of these awards will be announced during the ISSA Innovation Awards Ceremony to be held at the ISSA Innovation Showcase, Booth 709, Thursday, September 14, 2017, at 2:00 p.m.


The second annual overall ISSA Innovation of the Year Award will also be presented by popular comedian and TV personality Howie Mandel during the ISSA Innovation Awards Ceremony. This overall winner will be picked by a panel of judges with a weighted rating system based on a combination of the online and on-site voting results. The panel of judges consists of industry experts, media, and member representatives.


Vote and Win Prizes


Online voters will be automatically entered into monthly drawings to win one of three US$50 Amazon gift cards. Three lucky winners will be selected each month. On-site voters will be entered to win one of the two grand prizes, a $200 gift card or registration and a trip to Dallas to attend the ISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America 2018 Trade Show and ISSA Convention free of charge.





The Maids Celebrate 10 Years of Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Tampa

Since 2007, multiple franchises for The Maids have volunteered their time and talents at the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Tampa, Florida. Of their experience, The Maids franchise teams from The Maids of Oldsmar and Palm Harbor and The Maids of South Tampa find it both rewarding and necessary.


“My experience has been great,” Jennifer Shelton, field manager at The Maids of South Tampa says. “It’s a wonderful thing that the Ronald McDonald houses do for these families. They have a place to stay so they can be close to their children when they are going through something that is so difficult. We feel happy just to be able to provide a smile and help brighten their day.”


The Maids of South Tampa and The Maids of Oldsmar and Palm Harbor each send a four-person team once a month and clean two levels of the Ronald McDonald House – the kitchen and living area on the first floor, and the bedrooms and bathrooms on the second floor. Utilizing four-person teams allows The Maids to cover more ground in less time.


The teams know the work they do is very important for the families who are staying at the Ronald McDonald House. “We clean for health,” Shelton explained. “When you clean for health, we ensure they have a clean environment. And the families need to have a clean environment while they are going through these horrific medical ordeals.”


When asked what do they do at the houses, Jennifer simply replied, “We do what we normally do – we make it shine! We want to help brighten everyone’s day.”


Yajaira Ramos, one of the team members for The Maids of South Tampa shared, “I have cleaned there for a long time. They help so many families in need and it feels good to help them out.”


Two years ago, ARCSI launched “Kleaning for Kids,” a joint project with local Ronald McDonald House Charities. Through the generous support of ARCSI’s member volunteers, ARSCI provides residential cleaning services at no charge to the Ronald McDonald Houses in their community. To date, ARCSI has launched teams in Atlanta, Columbus, Honolulu, Houston, Seattle and Tulsa.


ARCSI is quite proud of the extensive volunteer efforts our members share each year with their communities. Starting with the work done through Cleaning for a Reason and Kleaning for Kids and continuing through many more outreach efforts, ARCSI truly has an army on the ground doing what they can to help those in need. ARCSI wants to create a website bulletin board where ARCSI members can share the work they are doing in the community. Please consider sharing pictures, stories and testimonials with us today by sending them to Erin Lasch. If you want to find out more about Kleaning for Kids, visit the ARCSI website.



Atlanta ARCSI Members Gather

ARCSI members gather regularly in Atlanta regularly to connect, share and network. Founders of the group, RJ and Asha Patel, have said that the group is a gathering of their friends not their competitors. They have found there is more than enough business to go around – what they value is the comradery and the friendships they have gained from belonging to this group.




Help Us to Honor Teresa Ward!

ARCSI members care about their communities and they are involved in countless ways. Teresa Ward was a champion of giving back to her community. We were all deeply saddened by her passing in 2015. ARCSI has created the "Teresa Ward Community Service Awards" to honor her memory.

You can honor Teresa by telling us how your company and your employees are involved in your community. Hundreds of ARCSI members provide free cleanings for cancer patients through Cleaning for A Reason. Members are helping families through our Kleaning for Kids program at local Ronald McDonald Houses.


Click here to find out more about this award and download an information form to help you total up your community involvement.

This is not a project just for large companies with a large staff. We know that even our smallest members are involved in charitable projects so we want to hear from all of you. Please return your form, or just email us your story by August 4, 2017.



Welcome to

Residential Members


  • Lauren Aguirre, Pur Eco Friendly Cleaning, Colorado Springs, Colorado 
  • Bukurije Bajrami, Atlantic Cleaning, Ventor City, New Jersey
  • Natlie Cargin, Peak Cleaning, Fresno, California
  • Latasha Chatman, Professional 1 Quality Cleaning Services, Inc., Madison Heights, Michigan
  • John Ciatteo, Maids and More, Chester Heights, Pennsylvania
  • Regina DeCorte, Maid in JC, Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Paul Fasshauer, Dirt Busters House Cleaning, Goodyear, Arizona
  • Ben Ferris, Rain City Maids, Kirkland, Washington
  • Sarah Heiting, Keepin’ It Clean, Littleton, Colorado
  • Angelica Hough, Impressions Cleaning, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Kris Huntoon, Mhp Services, Olathe, Kansas
  • Clarrise Jackson, Mainstay Cleaning, Vestavia Hills, Alabama
  • Diane McElroy, Scrub Brush Cleaning, Hull, Georgia
  • Juel Mendez, EllemARCSI, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Shem Nelson, All for You Cleaning, Kalispell, Montana
  • Ramiel Reyes, Kings Legacy Cleaning
  • Mary Rundquist, Reliable Cleaning Service, Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Carlos Sanchez, Sweep & Mop, Jewett City, Connecticut
  • Mark and Jennifer Wyatt, Focus on Clean, Kingsport, Tennessee




What Gets You Up in the Morning


Countdown Is for the 2017 ISSA Show & Convention in Las Vegas


Employee Engagement… It Begins with You!


The Importance of Family Meetings


Two More Options to Get Your HCT in 2017!


August 1 Hot Topic Tuesday: The Dream of Your BUSINESS & The Business of YOUR Dreams


The Evolution of Cleaning Products


CBT Product Reviews: Brillo Estracell


Voting Open for the 2017 ISSA Innovation Award Program


The Maids Celebrate 10 Years of Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Tampa


Atlanta ARCSI Members Gather


Help Us to Honor Teresa Ward!


Welcome to New ISSA Residential Members





















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